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TUI: could be better, could be raining

May 3, 2011 at 6:43 by Martina Comments

Imagine you wait for a year to take 2 weeks off. Imagine you plan to go on holiday to relax on a seaside and enjoy the sun. Or maybe to go mountain climbing and enjoy the sun. Or even just to visit a city and enjoy the sun. But then when you’re on holiday it gets cold. And windy. And as Young Frankenstein used to say “could be worse, could be raining…”. Well, even if all this happens you can still be lucky. Waste your current vacation but actually win a fabulous holiday thanks to a super weird contest that TUI run last year in Germany. A mobile app tracked your position and your current weather conditions by connecting to weather stations. You had to check-in your weather conditions and the worse they were, the better your score. After a month, the person with the most points won an holiday to the Dominican Republic.

The agency is Jung von Matt/Alster, Germany.
via Ads of the World

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