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The Lady Gaga digital domination

May 24, 2011 at 4:53 by Martina Comments

Starbucks and Lady Gaga. Amazon and Lady Gaga. Google and Lady Gaga. Farmville and Lady Gaga. Twitter and Lady Gaga. She’s everywhere. She’s a master of online branding across all platforms. In case you missed something, let’s try to recap, even if I don’t even know where to start.
Ok, let’s begin with the easy ones… 1. She recently reached 10 millions followers on Twitter. A new record ever. 2. Yesterday she decided to sell her new album for one day on Amazon for $1.99, granting a boost of visibility to Amazon’s cloud service that eventually collapsed (best promo ever…)!

3. A few weeks ago, together with Zynga, Lady Gaga launched Gagaville a branded Farmville. 4. Yesterday she took over Starbucks Digital Network to launch her new songs and video and give away free downloads. But on top of this Starbucks and GaGa also launched a co-branded scavenger hunt.

4. Last but not least, Google has mashed up Lady Gaga fans videos to create a spot for Chrome that reinforce the message “The Web is what you make of it”.

I’m done with the list for today. Wow. And I might have even missed something, so please send me a note in case.

I believe talking about brand overexposure is silly in this context. I don’t really like when several brands use the same celebrity at the same time (it happens often with models, Kate Moss in particular), but in this case the power of Lady GaGa is so amazing that any comment on this will result inappropriate. I think we should just ask her manager and her marketing and PR team to become our mentor.

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