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Fashion brands falling in love with Instagram

May 30, 2011 at 6:54 by Martina Comments

TNW had a great article a few days ago on the brands that are moving the first steps on Instagram. If I remember correctly Levi’s Brazil has been among the first early this year, when they started presenting their collection to the Instagram community.

Instagram seems to be particularly popular among fashion brands. Burberry, for example, is doing an amazing job and has already over 33,000 followers. Kate Spade NY has 12,000, Gucci has started more recently but it’s already worth following as they share both archive and behind the scene images.

I guess the connection between fashion and photography is pretty straightforward, so it’s natural for fashion brands to connect with consumers on a platform that celebrates visual prêt-à-porter beauty. But I wonder what’s next. What’s the kind of interaction you can build and what’s the way to establish a two way communication that goes beyond the comments on a shot.

Have you got thoughts or case studies to share? I’d love to find out more.

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