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Activia, Rhythm in the Pot

June 16, 2011 at 6:24 by Martina Comments

Talking about consumers’ relationship with the toilet is a sensitive topic. So for Activia, a yogurt that helps regulate the digestive system, it’s not super easy to interact with its target consumers. So in Brazil, Wunderman came up with a pretty nice idea to talk about “regulating your intestines” without directly mentioning the specific words or idea.

They invited people to “put their lives in rhythm”. They hired three musicians to create music, live and improvised, from inside an Activia pot on Facebook using consumers’ personal timeline as inspiration for the songs.

If you can understand some Portuguese, the performances are quite amusing. And the results prove the idea has been successful too, with over 1,000 people who decided to submit their social profiles to be out into rhythm. Their song videos reached 200,000 people on Facebook and over 4 million throughout internet.

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