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Run and hide to win a Mini

November 29, 2011 at 10:49 by Mark Comments

This is a brilliant campaign from agency Jung Von Matt that is bound to be both incredibly frantic and a lot of fun to play. After holding a similar campaign in Stockholm last year and doubling MINI sales in Sweden because of it, the agency have set their sights on a much larger target for their next game: Toyko.

The game is simple: beginning on December 3rd and running over the course of nine days, smartphone users ‘hunt’ for and catch a virtual MINI coupe. If they finish the competition while holding onto the MINI, they win the car for real.
However, there will be many other people wanting to do the same and will try and steal the car for themselves. So players are required to run as fast as they can to keep out of the orbit of other players, and prevent them from stealing it. Players frantically try their best to hold onto the virtual car for as long as they possibly can so that they win the prize.
While the game works similarly to last year’s campaign, the scale is much greater with the Toyko gaming area being 32 times larger than Stockholm; the game covers a total of 240 square miles. To add to the difficulty, the app has been made available to Android users as well as iPhone so the number of people taking part will be much greater.
agency Jung Von Matt

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