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Barbarian Group: The first 10 years

January 20, 2012 at 12:49 by Tim Comments

I think an agency has a good culture when it can lay stuff bare. Look back on the successes as well as the weird things that happened along the way. An example of this would be Barbarian Group. They are the creators of (amongst many other things) the legendary ‘Subservient Chicken” and have celebrated their first 10 years with this little online album.

Revisit great work like Samsung’s Tweet Wrapping or the CNN headlines on a T-shirt. In-jokes are littered throughout ‘Barbarian Group X‘ and as you would expect from the makers of ‘The Most Awesomest Thing Ever‘, many things were simply awesome.

Oh, and while they were at it, they also released this nice timeline of 2011′s social media milestones.

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