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Pimkie Color Forecast

April 16, 2012 at 5:02 by Martina Comments

If tomorrow morning you won’t know what to wear, there is now a website that can inspire you. Fashion brand Pimkie has launched a pretty sweet project that helps consumers understand the colors “of the moment” in the major European fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and Antwerpen.

Happiness Brussels has installed high-speed digital cameras in key locations throughout the three cities, the footage is collected and filtered in real-time through a color tracking software that generates infographics detailing which colors are trending where.

Pimkie Color Forecast is a definitely a fun idea, a cool tool to expose consumers to the Pimkie collection. I would say it’s a Uniqlo way to engage consumers with the product. Interesting to note how long it took a fast-fashion brand to start following the Japanese approach to online communication. It’s a just a pity IMHO that Pimkie, with such a great concept, hasn’t tried to create its own visual identity. Those fonts and squares in the interface scream Uniqlo…

Happiness Brussels has also uploaded a video that explains how the magic works.

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