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Red Stripe: Street Art at shutter speed

May 16, 2012 at 9:38 by Tim Comments

Red Stripe’s “Make Art On The Street” released this animation of a special piece of street art. Scottish artist Spaceboy, helped by his graphic students from Edinburgh College of Art, animated his paste-ups on the shop shutters of Newhaven Harbour. It is a nice animation in itself, capturing and recording each frame of the paper installation. But what I really like about the film is that the interview with Spaceboy (talking in his heavy Scottish accent) is actually woven into the dubby Jamaican soundtrack. Ah sey one!

I think they could have done a bit more to connect this film to the rest of the campaign, to other videos and add e.g. the complete interview/voice over into the comment section. Go to their website to discover more arty, stripey things.

Agency: KK Outlet

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