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The Most Creative Country In The World

July 1, 2012 at 8:26 by Tim Comments

Cannes has wrapped, and that means it is Lion counting time. While big countries such as USA, England, Brazil or Germany can be proud of their mountains of shiny metal, one tiny nation regularly defies the odds: New Zealand. In 2011 Kiwis pocketed 1 Lion per 155,989 citizens. And since they enjoy taking the piss out of themselves as well as sticking it to the Australians, here is a fun film advertising their national ad award (Axis). And yes, it won a 2012 Lion as well.

Notes: There is a creative rivalry between Auckland and Wellington. Duster is the name of the most prominent ECD in Wellington. Also, a handful of the top ECD’s are English. The film was shown on the award night on three screens, which explains the triple/letterboxed version.

Apologies to Martina and her native country, Italy. They might be good in football and cooking, but their ads are easily beaten by this Antipodean creative powerhouse.

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