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The Big Beckham Surprise

July 27, 2012 at 8:03 by Tim Comments

Adidas has recently created two similarly cool retail activations in Amsterdam and London, surprising shoppers with guest appearances by popular football players. In both cities, fans were in (positive) shock, making for some entertaining videos.

A series of fake fitting rooms were installed inside the Ajax Experience (flagship store) in Amsterdam. Inside these rooms, one of the walls consisted of a two-way mirror. When fans started trying on the new Ajax jersey, the mirror/wall suddenly opened, unveiling a bunch of Ajax’ star players ready to celebrate with their supporters.

The initiative for the London Olympics is probably even cooler. A photo booth was installed in a shopping mall in East London to allow British fans to have their photos taken, showing their support the team. The surprise: football superstar David Beckham suddenly peeking around the corner of the booth, joining the photo op with the fans.

I love the simplicity of the two ideas but most of all the fact that they had a positive emotional impact on consumers. I would even dare calling them a branded gift initiative. Of course, the effect for the Adidas brand is also very positive, but most of all, people experienced something unique and met their idols.

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