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10 Things People Love and Hate About Pinterest

August 15, 2012 at 9:26 by Mark Comments

You either love, or you hate Pinterest, the visual social sharing site. Let’s not forget that this is the site that in its first month was the #1 source for referring web traffic (being Google+, Reddit and Linkedin combined). Is it going to be here today, gone tomorrow or will it become the next major force in social sharing?

A few takeouts from the infographic below:

  • Pinterest is huge in the US in particular. Over 60% of the chatter about the social sharing site in this survey came from the US.
  • Most sites tend to have their time at the top and then we lose interest.  However, over the length of the study carried out, Pinterest has had the same sentiment score.  Overall, people like it.
  • On other other hand, some think it’s a time suck and 5% surveyed are worried about copyright infringement.

Over 5M impressions from online conversations including more than 2.5M mentions of Pinterest in blogs, news articles, social networks were reviewed. Users of Pinterest who were surveyed came out largely to be passionate and positive (Passion Intensity score: 80 and overall Net Sentiment score: 74).

This is the second in a ‘Social Intelligence’ series by SAP and NetBase.

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