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Experience Virgin America

September 11, 2012 at 7:00 by Martina Comments

Are interactive websites becoming popular again? If we look at the number of recent posts that we dedicated to online experiences on brand-owned websites, can we dare to say so. The latest great example to share comes from Virgin America, that recently launched an entertaining interactive movie to take consumers through the features and services aboard its planes.

On, in about two minutes you are taken from a baseball game to a live concert, meeting Virgin’s celebrity frequent flyers and getting to know why flying Virgin America could be a cool experience.

The interactive experience is only the starting point of a digital campaign that also includes includes a Instragram initiative to fuel a video billboard in Times Square.

They also release a behind-the-scenes video that mixes an additional marketing push (with some brand bla-bla-bla by Virgin’s design director) with some nice footage and insights from the agency (Eleven Inc.) and the production company (Tool North America) that worked on the project.

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