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Tweetphony - A Twitter fueled symphony

October 25, 2012 at 8:19 by Bridget Comments

This is an interesting idea that should be a crowd pleaser for the twitterati.  The Metropole Orchestra is currently under threat due to budget cuts.  To raise awareness of its plight they invite you to come play on a digital piano and compose a (musical) tweet that just might be played back by the Metropole Orchestra in a live Tweetphony tomorrow (Friday 26th).

Like all good social memes - even the #starwars theme is making an appearance.

d_ḋf__Å_____c_dḋ_______f_ga__Ḋ_____g_aÅ__C__D__d_ḋf__Å_____C_DḊ_______f_fD__C_fD__C_fD__C_fD_C  #MKOrkest

A simple but strong mechanic creates a social currency around the event.  The orchestra will tweet back a video of the performance to the twitter users that have had their tweet selected and “performed”.

I’m surprised that there is no communication around the plight or threat to the orchestra.  It will be interesting to see if this is revealed later and converted into some kind of online petition.

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