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Comfortable Weather Guy

January 17, 2013 at 8:00 by Martina Comments

Southern Comfort was one of my favorite commercials of 2012. Now the dude with the brown speedo is back with his own website (also on mobile) to help you figuring out the weather around the world. The experience isn’t really interactive, but it’s still quite amusing to see the comfortable guy always at ease no matter the weather conditions.

While I can totally see why Wieden & Kennedy and the liqueur brand wanted to cash on the amazing character they created last year, I still think they missed a good opportunity here. We’ve already seen quite a few brands and websites playing with weather apps, and from such a comfortable dude I would have expected something fresher, with more attitude and possibly more relevant for the brand… I don’t know, something like a guide to the coolest beaches in the world, a guide to pick up girls in bars, or maybe some comfortable mixologist tricks… What do you think? Did they play too safe here?

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