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Perrier Secret Place, 1h20 Party People

April 2, 2013 at 9:58 by Laurent Comments

Through an immersive experience, with up to 1h20 of content, Perrier invites you to party, and live the craziest fantasies of 60 guests in a hidden place in Paris.

Perrier Secret Place is a project which mixes brand entertainment and gaming. It’s an interactive film where you are invited to live a party through the eyes of the guests.

The goal is to find the secret bottle of Perrier. Five clues are hidden in the rooms of the apartment. They will lead you to the bottle which will make you enter into a drawing to win an exclusive invitation to one of the wildest nights of the world : a party in St Tropez, New Year’s eve in Sydney, Miami Art Basel, Carnival in Rio and the closing of the Ibiza season.

It took 18 months to Ogilvy Paris to write and produce this project. They produced 1 hour and 20 minutes of content that allows all users to experience a unique evening scenario. At the end, among thousands of different scenarios during the evening, only one leads to the secret bottle.

Buzzman is in charge of the social media amplification. As an example you will find hints on the Perrier Facebook page. Here are two tips we’ve been told : slip into the skin of the young man who looks through the keyhole and live out his fantasy.  Or play a game of “Pillow Fight”.

I let you navigate through the film and enjoy some fun, sexy, or weird little scenes.

In my opinion the agency did a very nice job. Perrier wants to reaffirm it is a must have brand and product when it comes to partying and socializing. And the brand wants to do it in a premium way. This project is ambitious, and the production is very clean. I appreciate the scenery, photography and “mise en scene”.

This new opus is quite consistent regarding the former ones : Club Perrier, and the Perrier Mansion with Dita von Tease.

I also appreciate some details like the infographics which summarizes how many lives you lived.

French agencies seems to like this “multiple-first-person-immersive-effect” though. We remember the beautiful Gif Me More Party by Buzzman for MTV Mobile. Different atmosphere, different positioning, but same mechanism.

Credits : Ogilvy & MatherFighting FishBuzzman

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