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The WI-FI Poster

April 10, 2013 at 12:04 by Martina Comments

Most of us think the poster is a vintage, if not outdated media. But in Korea they recently came up with an idea that will probably make us change our minds. The WI-FI poster, or the Poster 2.0 is a traditional poster “pimped” and transformed into a wireless hotspot. The technology is embedded or, better, hidden behind the poster, and it’s automatically activated once a user approaches the hotspot prompting the user to connect to the open network that has the name of the movie that is being promoted.

Once the connection is activated, the user gets access to the movie trailer in HD and a few extra content goodies that make the experience compelling and sticky, including the possibility to actually purchase the tickets to the show itself.

The results of the campaign featured in the case study video are pretty impressive, and they would definitely be a tangible proof of how good this idea was, if only they would have provided us with a bit of a context around the titles that were being promoted. Did the WI-FI poster transform a mediocre movie into a success at the box office or did the idea simply do a good job in raising overall awareness of a movie that was already pretty good?

The agency is Cheil.

via PSFK

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