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Skype Portraits “Stay Together”

July 17, 2013 at 10:26 by Bridget Comments

I like this campaign from Pereira & O’Dell for skype.  It’s a simple idea grounded in product truth.  ”Stay Together” is a series of 3 short films and ‘projected’ portraits by Singaporean photographer and visual artist John Clang.  Last year we featured some of Clang’s work here on our pinterest board.

It’s smart because Pereira & O’Dell tapped into what this artist was already doing and used it to craft a campaign that invites users to celebrate the different ways skype is used to “Stay Together”.


Clang captures each family portrait with a photograph where everyone is able to pose shoulder-to-shoulder…or hand-to-paw, or ballet-slipper-to-sneaker, through a Skype projection on the wall. The result is a uniquely special family portrait that joins loved ones in the real and digital world.

The spots were shot and directed by Station collective Peking, the directing duo of Nat Livingston Johnson and Gregory Mitnick

The first of the series, “The Impossible Family Portrait” tells the story of Denis who is separated from his home in Uganda but keeps in touch with his family and adopted son over Skype.

Starting today, “The Growing Up Family Portrait” introduces 10-year-old Julia, who keeps up with her 12-year-old cousin in Brazil and shows just how delicate staying together can be at that age to avoid growing apart.

A little on the whacky side, there’s even a story about a zookeeper skyping with animals on the other side of the world.

“Some of my favorite memories aren’t big moments. They are those simple, lovely things that happened between myself and the people I care about. I believe this is true with all of us. Those tender, unplanned moments are the ones we are celebrating here,” said PJ Pereira, Chief Creative Officer at Pereira & O’Dell.

A campaign blog hosts additional content as well as a contest (ends July 22nd) where people can share and vote on real stories of how they use Skype to stay in communication with faraway family and friends. The grand prize is a trip to see loved ones, complete with their own portrait.

Agency:        Pereira & O’Dell



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