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September 17, 2004
On the way to 2005 optimism grows

A new study, Marketing & Media Snapshot: 2004, by Millward Brown expects marketing budget to grow in 2005.
Among the report's key findings what is interesting to note is that:

- Online marketing is growing the most as a share of total budgets and marketers expect this trend to continue.
- All channels of online marketing (Web advertising, search, email, promotion) are expected to increase at a higher rate than other major media.
- Online is seen as the most effective medium for acquiring and retaining customers and in offering efficiency

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aspettiamo fiduciosi..

Posted by: gm at September 24, 2004 02:39 PM


Very interesting indeed. Is this research applied on a global scale?

Posted by: Sara at September 26, 2004 07:04 AM


These findings match what we have been seeing as well except that we see gradual erosion of email marketing as a robust tool. We expect that blogs will increasingly replace email as a mode of communication with your target.

Posted by: at September 28, 2004 01:32 AM


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