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May 23, 2005
Mitsubishi rebrands as "J.Cool"

Mitsubishi Motors debuts this week in the United States with an advertising campaign to promote its new Eclipse sport coupe and present its a fresh look for its brand. The company's new tagline is "Driven to thrill" which is designed to communicate to consumers that Mitsubishi is a company that is "driven to thrill" in every aspect -- from its engineering, to its product design, to its people. Mitsubishi tries to reposition itself as a "J.Cool" (Japanese Cool) brand, following the cultural phenomena currently engaging young Americans.

David Lubars, CEO at BBDO North America, explains: "The advertising recognizes the influence of Japanese pop culture on American popular culture. It embraces Mitsubishi's hip, cool Japanese roots, which is reflected in the music, design, structure and animation of the campaign. From the syncopated beat of Kodo drums to the distinctly current spin of the Mitsubishi logo, the advertising boldly speaks to consumers, asking 'why satisfy when you can thrill?'"

Unfortunately the press release I found doesn't say much about the online part of the campaign. There are a lot of Tv and print ads but any online component of the effort is highlighted. Did the PR forget to mention is or Mitsubishi didn't take Internet advertising very seriously?

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