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Air Action Vigorsol needs viral marketing lessons

July 1, 2005 at 7:36 by Martina Comments

On the homepage of Yahoo! Italia a viral ad by Air Action Vigorsol got my attention. It’s fresh and funny reflecting the brand characteristics, so I really enjoyed it. But then I clicked on it, and the landing page was a huge disappointment. Have a look yourself and tell me what you think…
- The viral ad
- The landing page
What a waste! You get people’s attention, you make them click, and then what? You show them an awful corporate homepage!!! What about the “send to a friend” option????
This is so sad… but this is Italy… now I guess you know why I want to get a job abroad…

5 Responses to Air Action Vigorsol needs viral marketing lessons

  1. David ODonnell says:

    I could show you examples such as this one from any country in the world. I don’t thinks it is an italian phenomonem but rather a lack of education or budget for emarketing activities generally.

  2. Matteo.Balzani says:


  3. David,
    you are right, we are not the only ones doing things bad, but I believe the lack of interest/education in online marketing here reaches levels you can’t even imagine…

  4. Brigitta says:

    Unfortunately this is a regular occurance. Why make a viral ad if you wont provide the right support for it.

  5. fefone says:

    Do you know what’s the title of the soundtrack of this ad? Thanks.

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