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February 27, 2005
WAP ads: handle with care...

24/7 Real Media will provide the platform to deliver WAP advertisements across Vindigo's suite of mobile products. Robert Tas, senior vice president, technology and media for 24/7 Real Media commented: "Mobile marketing is the next evolution of online advertising. As online advertising continues to gain its share of marketing dollars, advertisers will continue to push the boundaries of online marketing. Using 24/7 Real Media's Open AdStream platform with Vindigo's products and services will demonstrate the benefits of standardized trafficking, tracking, reporting and targeting for mobile marketing."

Mobile advertising is fighting back (see also O2 serving mobile contextual ads), but I don't believe things will be so easy as Mr Tas presents them.

Marketers need to pay a lot of attention when using the "push model" on mobile phones. The communication is too direct and personal, and users might get easily annoyed. Mobile ads risk to be extremely intrusive, so handle with care.

On this news read also James' excellent post "Ads infest mobile content" on MocoNews.

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