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Adidas launches branded RSS widget

March 13, 2006 at 9:13 by Martina Comments

On the way to Germany 2006, Adidas moves a further step into smart online marketing: they just launched a branded desktop RSS reader which will allow user to get all the latest football news (from Yahoo!, Radio 1 and Sky) plus exclusive Adidas content. Users can choose different readers, selecting for example the one personalized with David Beckham.
[news via NMA]

3 Responses to Adidas launches branded RSS widget

  1. vincent says:

    Have you got more info about that ?
    Do you know where i can download the widget ?

  2. John says:

    This is such a bad strategy… I hear people talk about these branded RSS readers all the time. The problem is, the people who are most likely to use RSS already have a reader they prefer. Does Adidas expect these people to use 2 different readers? That exclusive content better be good…
    For all the rest of the content, people can get it on their own, with their own RSS reader… they don’t need Adidas.

  3. Tyler Warrender says:

    What about those who just need something, like the WC, in order to get interested in RSS? If someone’s intoduced to RSS via Adidas, I think that would leave a positive association with the brand. That is if the widget is any good.

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