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Save energy awareness edugame

December 14, 2006 at 3:13 by Martina Comments

I’ve found an interesting advergame created within the 1E Energy Awareness Campaign. The concept is good: it’s a game to make people understand how they can save energy in the office, by switching off the IT equipments when they don’t use them. Also, if you click on “act” you can calculate how much money your company will save if everybody pays attention not to waste energy.

The game in itself is not perfect (there are no instructions on how to play, for example) but it is surely a useful tool, which I would rather define as an “edugame”. This said, I believe it could be successfully used as an educational tool in schools as well.

2 Responses to Save energy awareness edugame

  1. Balazs Balint says:

    Looks great- but do you know anything about the opinion of the children? Where can be this game found on web?

  2. Tiki says:
    btw - there are instructions.

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