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August 08, 2007
Robotskin, the new Blade Runner

It's time for a new chapter in body grooming. Philips has just launched Robotskin, a campaign with a Blade Runner twist. Created by Tribal DDB London, the site features a series of mysterious, futuristic and sexy webisodes, starring an improbable “Grooming Robot”.


I have very different feelings about this project. At first sight I thought it was an interesting idea, very well executed. But after having spent a few minutes on the site, I feel it misses something. Of course it was extremely difficult to replicate the creativity (and success) of the Shave Everywhere campaign, but I still think Robotskin it's more a good branded entertainment exercise than a cool marketing campaign.


If you look at the single elements that compose the site (webisodes, goodies, a touch of wom) everything seems to be there, but the truth is that connection with the product is quite weak and completely made up, and even the product page is nothing more than a textual description.


It would be great to have your opinion on the project.

Comments on this entry

It's different I must admit. But it's also kinda childish, the 'frame'a friend option takes way too long and is not funny, you must really have a lot of time. I also miss subtitles everywhere (opted for dutch). So: kudos for the different approach, but it won't do the job (advertise).

Posted by: floris at August 9, 2007 09:23 AM


Well, I only made it through one of the webisodes. I don't understand what the site is advertising at all. I didn't care for the webisode, and I was slightly annoyed that the first listed webisode was "blocked" from my viewing it. Overall, unsuccessful for me.

Posted by: May at August 9, 2007 07:06 PM


Is there an English language version of this site? I only see German.

Posted by: Mat at August 10, 2007 04:52 PM


one of the most promising websites ive seen in the last time, one of the biggest disappointments as well. when ive seen the site for the first time, i thought its some kind of interactive movie project or some kind of new interactive community with 3d graphics. then ive seen its just 3 boring episodes of whatever...
first thing i thought was that they surely want me to pay to see the rest but then i realised its just some kind of ad for a razor or something like that.
and no, its not a good campaign, as i was really interested in the site at first but in the end the site disappointed me and i still didnt even know what it was supposed to make me wanna buy.
in my opinion robot skin is a complete waste of money!

Posted by: phobie5 at August 31, 2007 04:19 AM


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