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February 28, 2008
Interactive baseball the Japanese way

As it usually happens when I post about Japanese websites, I have no idea of the reason why they did it, I guess just for self-promotion, considering that the only brand name on the site is the one of the agency (Bascule, the same that did Axe Busters some time ago).


Is it an advergame? Probably... For sure it's a weird visual experience about baseball, with a good art direction and remarkable usability, a characteristic that makes it quite easy to find the way around and play.


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If you need some d�tails sometimes, we've got someone in Japan :)

Posted by: greg at March 2, 2008 09:36 PM



Thanks Greg for the introduction.

For English speaker, you cn find explanations here

= from the website :

Makyu-Royale started as a giveaway greeting contents in which each of our staff creates his/her own Makyu(miracle ball) with their wishes, messages and souls, to have his/her friends/family/acquaintances enjoy it.

The challenges we set upon creating the contents were as following:
* To create a so-called User Generated Contents that have a user as main-player, in spite of presenting uncompromised creativity/vision of creators.
* To attract not only younger generation, but also users at the age of above 40.
* To build an ideal UGC structure in which a user is able to enjoy others' content as a matter of course, and also feel further joy by finding that his/her creation is actually being enjoyed by others.

Posted by: david at March 3, 2008 04:06 PM


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