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July 30, 2009
Agency sites and the world outside


Pioneers in many things as they are, a couple of years ago spanish agency DoubleYou came out with a new website in which they claimed that their website was not a website anymore, as a sign of the fact that each agency and its projects generates so many information that it's quite hard making it all inside a single place. So they are not in their website anymore but anywhere else on the Internet, where their projects live, and their old website works as a traffic distribution core, just a functional place.


Two years laters, with all that boom of social media services and their respective RSS services and feeds to be used in external sites served through their APIs, it's easier to monitor all the info and buzz done by you and your work, so instead of creating a core taking you to the outside, it's really interesting the way in which some companies are making their websites the center of all the information they are generating, working as a huge feed with them as the main topic (as in Modernista! or that beta site from Crispin, Porter and Bogusky we talked a while ago or at Barbarian Group's)

This morning I read at Big Spaceship's Michael Lebowitz Twitter they have released a new project for Land's End, which is nice by the way, but what got my attention once again (because i'm a frequent visitor to this site) is the fantastic way in which they have integrated all their external stuff, Flickr, Twitter, their different blogs, etc. into their main site, always offering a lot of related stuff to the things that i'm viewing at that very moment. So forgive me for the enthusiastic tone but browsing BigSpaceship's site is like hearing a symphony of information architecture and techie savvy, big props to them.

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Posted by: Jeff at July 30, 2009 10:08 PM


sure Jeff, in fact is mentioned at the Crispin's site article, that's why i didn't mention here, but i update the post, thx for the quick note :)

Posted by: Daniel Granatta at July 31, 2009 02:34 PM


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