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September 07, 2009
When online is so important even if it's not that important

These days i'm judging LIA Awards and it's interesting that more and more often you can find a lot of digital entries submitted not as separate elements of the campaign (microsite, banners or whatever) but what is submitted is the whole campaign itself, even when in "banners" category, for instance, so very often you don't know what to judge exactly. What makes me think about another thing, that is that many entries are not really powerful by themselves, but in the context of the campaign where they live that pieces become substantially relevant.

Does it make any sense judging them as in a "digital" category then? The first example of this happened when i had to judge the banners of this campaign for Dodge in Belgium, made by Proximity BBDO.


The tagline is quite simple, being Dodge a "macho" car, and trying to engage people for their new release, a familiar one, the test drive consists on going to the car dealer and have sex in the back seat of the test car. Then, if you got pregnant and have a baby within the next 9 months you get the car for free

You can check the video case clicking here.

The campaign is weird enough as to gather some attention in traditional media, but it's online where the most buzz is generated via forums, cards and some banners, spreading the message that way.

The same goes for this campaign maybe you've heard of, it's for Pepsi and it's done by BBDO Argentina that, taking note that almost a quarter of argentinean people say "Pecsi" instead of "Pepsi", made the whole campaign all about the Pecsi thing, even changing the label of the product during that time, as a sign of getting closer to the consumers. I have friends that love the campaign and some others that really hate it, but i'm with the first ones in this, i think that in these days of being "real", being bold is a part of it and so is this campaign.

But when it comes to the digital part of the campaign, what we find is just a site called Pecsipedia:

Pecsipedia is a website where people goes to read some other mispelled words (in spanish), because that phonetic thing happens really often depending on which spanish-speaking country you are. And in some sort of way, that's the place where the people showcase their voices about the Pecsi thing, which, by the number of entries in Pecsipedia, it's going pretty well (over 1500 new words)

And that's the context where Pecsipedia and the online Dodge thing live, they're not great pieces themselves, but they have a lot of value in their own context, enriching their campaigns that much.

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Thanx 4 the review, Daniel!
Take a glimpse of the rest of the interactive PECSI campaign here (and a video with the case)...

Posted by: Fernando at September 8, 2009 04:48 AM


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