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October 07, 2009
Birds Vs Humans

Ok - so I walked in this morning and found a WW2 artillary case on my desk. Inside was a rolled up note saying Adverblog. Your kind needs you. It also contained some creepy photos of people all beaten up, a birds nest, feathers and eggs and some paper bark. The link took me to a customised teaser vid that looks kind of like the Blair Witch Project - weird!! The box had a tag on it that said - More to follow. A whois check on the domain owner revealed nothing... I guess I will have to wait until package two arrives. I love a good teaser...



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Thank you, Adverblog.

Your kind appreciates your help.
Continue to be watchful and stay alert...
The struggle between birds and humans is about to begin.

The Feral

Posted by: The Feral at October 9, 2009 06:56 AM


So now I'm very intrigued...can't wait for package two:)

Posted by: Livemercial Sarah at October 9, 2009 05:34 PM


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