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November 03, 2009
Virgin Atlantic, don't panic

Virgin Atlantic has just released an iPhone application to help flyers who don't like flying. The application presents the pretty well known "Flying without fear course" aimed at anxious flyers. It features a video explanation of the flight process, frequently asked questions, relaxation exercises and a fear attack button for emergencies with breathing exercises.


I find the app idea very nice and perfectly in line with the brand and the service you would expect from an airline company. However I'm doubtful about the fact of making consumers pay for this (€3.99) and I'm a bit disappointed by the visuals which look dull. Both aspects are rather unexpected from a pretty cool brand like Virgin and, while I can somehow understand the idea of paying for a value added service, I really don't get why they didn't dare a bit with the layouts.

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Are you allowed to use your iPhone on Virgin Atlantic flights? (most european airlines dont allow phones, not even in flight mode)

Posted by: Thorben at November 4, 2009 12:18 AM


I'm with you. They're already taking a risk making a consumer pay for it. Might as well try and make it even more unconventional.

I can hardly imagine a U.S. advertiser making a user pay for a branded app that clearly advertises their company.

Posted by: David Eisaiah Engel at November 4, 2009 08:39 AM


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