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December 06, 2010
Handmade beer, handmade ads

In Canada artisanal brewery La Korrigane with the help of Cossette came up with a great idea which mixed advertising & event but most of all created an experience that very likely generated loyal influencers who will bring more clients to the store...

Let's see what happened: La Korrigane, as said, is an artisanal brewery, so they decided to tell the story of handmade beer creating handmade ads. 100 artists, graphic designers and illustrators have been invited to spend an evening at La Korrigane, enjoy a few beers, and sketch by hand 100 ads on the white paper of Voir, the newspaper partner in crime of the initiative. The day after, the 100 copies of the newspaper were distributed in the newsstand outside of the brewery.

Looking at the videos it was a very successful night: a simple idea that I love even more because it was so consistent with the brand/product/service/experience that it aimed to promote.

via Marketing Alternatif

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