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June 30, 2005
Axe takes you to Ravenstoke

See how Axe managed to bring some life to a small town in Alaska...

The viral created by The Viral Factory is definitely funny and very well done, also because the Axe brand name appears only in two quick shots.

Tag = viral marketing

June 30, 2005
Mobile marketing for dummies

DMNews explains the basics of mobile marketing. Nothing special, but if you don't know anything about it, take note:
- it's not a mass marketing tool
- it's not (just) about advertising
- works better if integrated with other media
- it's a two-way channel
and last, but not least...
- people are very sensitive: to spam is to die!

Sony Pictures: escape "The Cave"

Sony Pictures is building curiosity around its upcoming movie "The Cave" with a graphically advanced advergame. The site doesn't say much about the movie, just challenges you to escape The Cave "before it's too late". The virtual Cave looks kind of scary, the environment delivers a good experience but the game itself isn't very engaging.

I looked for information about this movie but I haven't found anything useful. It doesn't look like the kind of film I'd like to see, but I was curious to understand Sony's strategy behind its release, since non content is provided on the official site.

[game via Fuel Games Blog]

Podcast marketing campaign for Lexus

Automotive company Lexus has signed a deal to sponsor for 26 weeks the podcasts at KCRW, a public radio station in California. AdAge reports the news and adds a few comments on podcasting and its value for marketers. In the automotive industry Volvo and General Motors have already given a try to podcast marketing, which absolutely looks like a direct and smart way to reach niche audiences.

Lexus has signed a deal based on CPM (cost-per-thousand), so it is going to pay for the actual number of downloads the podcast will get. Lexus' links and logos will appear on the KCRW podcast player, and the brand will be mentioned at the beginning of each podcast.

Euro Effies finalists announced

Over 40 campaigns have been selected to access the round two of the European Effies which will take place in Brussels at the end of July. Among the 22 shortlisted agencies TBWA\Germany and Springer & Jacoby received three nominations each.
The shortlist is available here (open .doc).

(whoever wins, I hope he will help the EU Effies getting a new website...)

Search Marketing Association UK launched

The Search Marketing Association has been formed this week to promote the use of search engine marketing in the in the UK. One of the men behind this initiative, Simon Collingridge from Netsposure explained the idea is the help companies getting the most from online marketing, attracting the right visitors to their websites and converting them to prospects or customers.

More than a newspaper

Festland for St. Galller Tagblatt (Switzerland 2005).
Copy: "More than a newspaper".


[ads via Werbewoche]

Continue reading... "More than a newspaper"

Suzuki: details create the personality

Cravero Lanis for Suzuki Fun - General Motors (Argentina 2005).
The copy says: "Details create the personality. Personalize your Suzuki Fun".



Luxury brands marketing: it's a question of style

logo_hermes.gifThe International Herald Tribune has an interesting article on luxury brands and the evolution of their marketing strategy in the age of the new consumer.

Considering that "it's hard to improve upon perfection", it is no longer a question of fashion, now it's a question of style. Rich customers are still willing to pay (a lot) for luxury products. But they ask for lasting perfection. Made in China is not welcome.

Kotler's tips for marketing success

Everybody, everywhere needs a marketing strategy. The CNN has an interview with marketing guru Philip Kotler in which he provides five tips for marketing success.
Among the things he says, he stresses the importance of "knowing your customer" and "owning your branding", which basically means listen to the people and focus on the brand experience.

June 29, 2005
Nike Women: take sport, add music

Scholz & Friends Stockholm is behind the new Nike online marketing effort to support the Women Moves campaign. The agency has created a website to present the Nike Women Moves concept with a series of animated dancing silhouettes. Infotainment content explains visitors where to find the best dance courses and which trainer suits them best. A short film "The true tale" is also available. Don't expect too many special effects: the soundtrack is pretty good and so is the cartoon concept, but Nike used to do better.

Online ads are running to drive traffic to the site targeting women in Benelux and Scandinavia.

Mini: unable to contain yourself?

Not new, but cool...
Taxi Advertising for Mini (2003).

MTV prepares to sell in-game advertising

MTV has signed a deal with game publisher Midway Games to sell in-game advertising, collaborate on game soundtrack development, and develop complementary television programming.

This should be the first of a series of agreements MTV has planned to strike in order to attract advertisers interested in the Y-generation.

June 28, 2005
Thoughts on outdoor advertising and SMS

Integrate and innovate, this is the lesson Kinetic Worldwide is trying to teach its clients, educating them to the benefits of including mobile shortcodes on outdoor advertising. New Media Age (sub. req.) reports the company believes starting a mobile relationship via SMS is even more important than driving traffic online by adding an URL on billboards.

Continue reading... "Thoughts on outdoor advertising and SMS"

Volkswagen promotes King Kong

If you remember, Batman used to drive a Citroen so now it's not strange to find out King Kong drives a Volkswagen.

Confirming a consolidated co-marketing trend connecting Hollywood and the automotive industry, Volkswagen has launched an "entertainment" section on its website to present the upcoming movie directed by Peter Jackson. If you're a movie fan, it's worth visiting, because the content actually brings you behind the scenes.

Peugeot 107 tests your parking ability

To present its new 107 in France Peugeot has launched a microsite with a nice graphics and a few goodies. Given the target this car tries to reach, I liked the advertainment approach Euro RSCG 4D has decided to choose. The site is divided in four sections presenting the 107's characteristics connected to the shopping experience, the environment and the city (coming soon). If you click on "107 & l'environment" you find "Park your 107" a funny advergame to test your parking ability. There is another game in the "city" section, but it's an .exe you need to download and I've been able to test it with my iBook.

In Germany, the Peugeot 107 site is very similar but not as nice. At first sight it looks like a bad replica with no games.

Dannon Frusion: advergame & coupons

Dannon has launched Frusion Breakfast Brawl, an advergame to promote Frusion, its drinkable yogurt. The microsite created to present the new product also features the TV spots and allows visitors to download and print a coupon to get a Frusion free sample: a good example of traditional and interactive marketing techniques mixed.


For an extensive (and good) review of the advergame, have a look at what Brian wrote on his Fuel Games Blog.

Virgin Atlantic starts podcasting

Virgin Atlantic has started podcasting offering audio travel guides to its destinations. The first podcast is dedicated to New York, to celebrate the 21st anniversary of Virgin's first flight to the Big Apple. The first podcast is a guide to the best restaurants and pubs, three more audio guides to New York will follow. More destinations will be added soon. The service is offered through Loudish and Virgin Atlantic claims to be the first UK company podcasting.

Continue reading... "Virgin Atlantic starts podcasting"

Pedigree: it's a dog's life

TBWA\Paris with these ads for Pedigree (dog biscuits) won the Gold Lion for the best Outdoor campaign in the "Miscellaneous" category.


The copy says: "Because dogs don't always have it easy".

Chevrolet and your style

chevrolet_style.gifIn Argentina Chevrolet has launched an integrated campaign to target young adults. Adlatina (free reg.) reports MRM Partners has created a promotion which starts with the distribution of postcards in popular bars and restaurants in Buenos Aires and ends with a sort of interactive game on a dedicated microsite. The competition challenges visitors to build up a character that best reflects their personality using the available styles. As usual, iPod are the prizes.

Probably (and hopefully) the offline campaign looks nicer than its online version.

Bell and the "Moving Day Madness"

Canadian telcom operator has launched "The Moving Day Madness" an advergame to promote its Online Moving Centre.


[news via]

Male-targeted ads: think different

On Reuters Jeffrey Goldfrab writes "The Marlboro Man is having an identity crisis" commenting a study (Metros Versus Retros: Are Marketers Missing Real Men?)conducted by Leo Burnett which found out most of the men (about 74 percent) think images of men in advertising are out of touch with reality. In the "real" world there aren't only macho men, but also fathers, who enjoy spending time with their families and aren't very much interested in ads proclaming masculinity.

The message Leo Burnett delivered during a presentation in Cannes is clear: agencies need to wake up, abandon the old stereotypes and start investigating how men are changing and adapting to society's changes.

Continue reading... "Male-targeted ads: think different"

June 27, 2005
Labatt and "la fiertè quèbècoise"

Infopresse reports Canadian beer Labatt Bleue has launched an advertising campaign (print & tv) to promote its brand and "la fiertè quèbècoise". A website is also part of the effort. Online, Canadians are invited to share their photographs with a beer taken from around the world. BBDO Montré took care of the creativity.

An iPod and a viral for Alfa 147

Alfa Romeo has setup a microsite to promote its new Alfa 147 Pack Techno. A series of viral videos entertain the visitor on the homepage, featuring the messages "how to pack 60 hours of music in a 147?" and "why calling wireless from an Alfa 147?". A competition also allows Alfa fans to win an iPod 4 if they invite friends to visit the site.

To me this looks like an excellent example of viral marketing, because the video content and the prizes are strictly related to the product that the car and its features. I just regret that despite Alfa Romeo is an Italian brand, the campaign isn't running in Italy but only in France.

Win a Diamond a day with Appletiser

Soft drink brand Appletiser has launched this month in the UK an on-pack promotion to drive sales and engage consumers in a mobile relationship. Steam and Netsize have created a text to win competition which allows entrants to win diamond jewellery every day for 3 months. All entries then go into the main draw to win £50,000 worth of diamond jewellery designed by Tom McEwan. An online quiz is also part of the effort.

Sugarshots advertising behind the scenes

On iMediaConnection Doug Schumacher takes us behind the scenes of the online campaign Basement has created for Sugarshots. The case study is very interesting because it debates whether an ad should feature a visual of the product, or some other image the agency feels more compelling. The article is part of a series dedicated to Sugarshots, quite useful to find out the questions an agency needs to answer when developing an interactive campaign.

Levy from Publicis: the best, not the bigger

The CNN presents an interview with Maurice Levy, president of Publicis, the world's fourth largest advertising company. Talking to Todd Benjamin, Mr Levy shares his ideas on leadership, personality and atmosphere and when asked whether Publicis wants to be the world's biggest advertising company he replies:

"The most important ambition in the world is not to be the biggest. You don't need just a big checkbook to be the best. To have the best people, to attract the best client, to sell them the best work; this is a real ambition. This is a much bigger ambition than just a question of numbers."

Dare to board?

Amsterdam Advertising for the National Geographic Channel.


[ad via Advertising/Design Goodness]

Games falling in love with advertising

The Yankee Group quoted in an article on eMarketer, predicts in-game advertising will be worth $562.5 million by 2009, while advergames will account for $312.2 million in ad revenues in 2009, compared to $83.6 million in 2004. The research also points out that from 2006 in-game advertising revenues will surpass the ones from advergaming. The numbers makes more sense if we consider that Kagan Research estimates 54 million households in the US will own at least one video game console by 2010.

Mobile marketing for the Mayor of London

Incentivated has been selected by the Greater London Authority to provide targeted mobile marketing communications to Londoners. Texting the word "Mayor" to the shortcode 62967 Londoners will have the possibility to discover a new range of location-based services and mobile commerce services such as the "Ticket request by SMS". Mobile marketing will also be used to promote events in the capital and inform people about the GLA initiatives.

[News via E-Consultancy]

Purina launches the "Animal Advice" podcast

Micropersuasion reports Purina, the Nestlé animal food brand, has started podcasting. The Animal Advice is a weekly podcast featuring veterinarians and pet lovers talking about pet training, behavioral theories and pet insurance.

Purina is a brand which pays quite a lot of attention to the new marketing trends. It already has a wireless section where pet owners can download ringtones (Barking Dog, Meowing Kitty or Purina theme) and mobile wallpapers, furthermore it offers a series of RSS feeds on pet related issues.

Consumers are in control: what's the future?

AdAge (reg. req.) reports on the Cannes section entitled "Building a Better Mousetrap" in which Martin Sorrell, Howard Draft, Chuck Porter and Lachlan Murdoch debated the challenges for the media and advertising industry in a consumer-controlled, on-demand world. The battle has just begun and companies are not (yet) defeated, but they need to react fast and find out new ad sales models. Unfortunately the article doesn't say much about the possible solutions.

On Le Monde (in French) Laurence Girard provides a deeper view on the advertising world and the consumer becoming an actor, not just a passive viewer, in the promotional process. The article quotes, among the others, the opinion of Russ Klein, marketing director at Burger King: "L'important, c'est ce que les gens disent de nos marques, pas ce que la marque dit. Nous voulons créer une conversation autour de notre marque" ("The important thing is what people say about our brand, not what our brand says. We want to create a talking around our brand").

Knorr: effective or disgusting?

The controversial ads created by DDB Spain for Knorr Pasta Sauces have been awarded with the Bronze Lion in the category "Press advertising: savoury foods".

The tiny copy says: "Not all sauces are tomato sauces".

The idea might be good from a creative point of view, but I wonder how effective this campaign has been. I believe the first reaction these ads provoke is disgust so, considering the fact they're promoting food, I'm not sure whether they drove or actually prevented purchase intention.

The Cannes experience

If you'd like to experience the atmosphere of the Cannes Lions, read the article by Eric Pfanner on the International Herald Tribune. A little bit of gossip, some insights in a witty overview of what happened last week.

The Samsung "Fantastic Four" movie

Samsung products will "invade" the upcoming movie (and videogame) "Fantastic Four" with a massive product placement. To support its sponsorship the Korean brand will also launch an integrated campaign with online ads appearing on over 425 consumer websites, a tv spot and a 60 seconds commercial running in movie theaters. The TV commercial will also run on the Samsung billboard in Times Square in New York City.

The online activity presents a sweepstake and a series of downloadable mobile goodies.

Continue reading... "The Samsung "Fantastic Four" movie"

June 25, 2005
Email still effective to reach customers

The new Email Trend Report just released by Doubleclick shows an increase in the click-to-purchase conversion rate, which rose 24.2% (from 3.3%) to 4.1% versus Q1 2004. On the other side we face an overall trend indicating a decline in opening rates (from 38.2% in Q1 2004 to 30.2% in Q1 2005). Good news for what concerns bounce rates which were at an all time low at 8.3%.
Commenting the Report Kevin Mabley, Senior Director and General Manager of Strategic Services at DoubleClick said: "This quarter's data demonstrate the continuing effectiveness of email for communicating with and marketing to customers".

June 24, 2005
Gentlemen, would you like a Dickoration?

Fitzgerald + Co is behind the new interactive marketing idea by Durex condoms which defines itself "The World's #1 Source for Penis Outfits". The site, offers gentlemen the possibility of downloading costumes to dress up their best friends ;-)

[news via AdCritic]

An unbreakable idea

The idea of Rethink (Canada) to promote the 3M security glass has been awarded with the Silver Lion for Outdoor advertising.

[3 million in fax bills (with real bills on top) was placed between panes of transit glass treated with shatter-resistant coating].

Frankenheim sponsors handball advergame

In Germany beer brand Frankenheim and the German Handball Federation are the sponsors of the first handball advergame, ever created by Branding Solutions. Players who decide to leave their personal data become eligible to win prizes are connected to the sport: two VIP entry tickets for the Super Cup final next October.

Accounts of the week

Zed Media has won the British Telecom online media account worth 15m pounds.

Wieden & Kennedy has been selected by Procter & Gable to take care of the global Eukanuba (pet food) account.

AdLink will be selling ads for

Scandinavian Airlines has appointed Liquid Communications to handle its direct marketing account.

Universal McCann and Mindshare have won the Telefonica account in Spain for the next three years. They will handle a budget of about 200 million Euros. has been picked by humanitarian charity Christian Aid to handle its online account.

Ehm... what's your condom style?

Olla condoms is running a nice outdoor campaign in Brazil. Visit Marketing de Guerrilha to see all the billboards.



If you're interested in condoms' production process, take the "virtual factory visit" on their website.

Not impressed by Hilton

Webliquid is behind the viral campaign launched by Hilton Hotels to promote its brand in the UK.
Have a look at and tell me if you're impressed or disappointed. Given Hilton's target audience, I wonder what's the value of this campaign. Too me it looks like they went viral just because everybody is going viral...


June 23, 2005
Show, don't tell

DDB Belgium for Pfizer Viagra, winner of the Gold Lion for best magazine print campaign in the Healthcare & Prescription Drugs category.



The Cyber Lions winners

The full list of Cyber Lions winners is now available (download .pdf), let's have a look at the entries that received the Gold.
Interone Worldwide (Germany) won with Mini Relauch in the websites automotive category.
Korean agency D.O.E.S. won in the travel, entertainment and leisure website category with "A Bittersweet Life" an online movie to promote a movie.
R/GA (US) confirmed doing excellent interactive stuffs for Nike with the Nike Lab Holiday site winning in the Sportswear, Fashion and Clothing category.
Dentsu (Japan) won with the FM Festival 2004 site in the websites Publications & Media category.
Taxi (Canada) was awarded for the best online advertising in the Automotive sector with the Black Sheep campaign for Mini Canada.
DDB Brazil won in the Online Advertising Travel, Entertainment & Leisure category for the Run campaign forCompanhia Atletica Gym. They also won in the Online Advertising Consumer Products & Services category with Just in Time for FedEx (superb!!).
Tequila\Brazil won with Tall for Adidas in the online Advertising Sportswear, Fashion & Clothing category.

Continue reading... "The Cyber Lions winners"

Celebrities missing in UK ads

In the United Kingdom the use of celebrities in advertising is declining. A new report by WPP research points out only one in eight ads now feature a celebrity, marking a decline in usage from 21 to 13 percent in the past five years. Brand Republic explains the usage in celebrities goes in waves, so we might expect a rise in the next future.

Picking the right testimonial can prove an incredibly powerful move for brand promotion. This is probably what L'Oreal has in mind since it's offering David and Victoria Beckham a multi-million deal to promote its hair care products.

Do you love Fiat? I don't...

In the UK Fiat is running an advertising campaign to push its models to the women segment. Revolution Magazine reports the Italian car brand has set up a micro-site featuring the message "I love Fiat" with the aim to provide information about the models. Radio, print and online ads are driving traffic to the site which also hosts a competition that will give away a "Panda Eleganza" to a lucky winner.


The site, developed by Emap Advertising, looks awful to me because of the colors' choice. Even if Fiat is an Italian company, it doesn't mean you "have" to use green, red and white to effectively support a brand. A part from this, the site is also packed with stereotypes: pasta, Venice and fashion. I just miss the mandolino...

It's a Lego world

Ogilvy & Mather Santiago for Lego (Chile) received the Outdoor Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions.


Crispin Porter & Bogusky and DDB Brasil win the Cyber Lions Grand Prix

The Cyber Lions Grand Prix winners have been announced: Crispin Porter & Bogusky has been awarded for the "Come Clean" website for Method brand, while DDB Sao Paulo won for its "Reality Advertising" site for Henkel's Super Bonder Instant Glue.

DDB Sao Paulo has also been named Interactive Agency of the Year.

June 22, 2005
New marketing & advertising blogs

I've just updated my list of blogs dedicated to marketing and advertising issues.
Among the new blogs added, I'd like to mention Brutal Clarity by marketing expert Krishnan Menon who has been, among the others, consulting futurist, focusing on marketing innovation, for Steven Spielberg's Minority Report, and has worked on marketing the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the iMac and iPod.
For those of you who speak/understand Italian, Creative Classics by Marco Fossati is another must read.

Digital storytelling competition for Nokia

In Switzerland Nokia is running an online competition to promote its new 3230 smartphone. Visitors to the 3230 microsite are challenged to create an online MMS story uploading their pictures and texting some sentences using an interface which also allows adding special effects. The best entries will receive the 3230 Smartphone as a prize. Ads promoting the campaign are running, among the others, on Yahoo!.

(yes, I'm the girl in the picture ;-)

Martini: Welcome to La Dolce Vita

The Martini Mansion opens its doors to the Dutch public. A gorgeous villa in the Italian Riviera and a relaxing atmosphere, these are the ingredients of the advertainment site created by Doorn & Roos for Martini in The Netherlands.

Visitors to the Mansion can get their private pool with Martini, promoted with two viral videos (1 and 2). If you're interested in getting the swimming pool, consider you are in The Netherlands, which means you are asked to pay 7€ for the delivery expenses ;-)

[link via BlogFonk]

Campari and the Red Passion Tour

Campari has partnered with MTV for the promotion of the "Red Passion Party" a series of music events which will take place this summer around Europe. The initiative is supported by a dedicated microsite which hosts a competition to win a week of "Red Passion" with Campari. The site is localized for Italy, Romania, Poland, Spain, UK, Portugal and Scandinavia (in English).

Best use of Outdoor: the Impossible Sprint

adidas_impossible_sprint.jpgTBWA Japan has won the Media Lion for the Best use of Outdoor in the Impossible Sprint campaign for Adidas which featured a vertical 100m dash. John Merrifield is the creative director/copywriter behind the ad that was placed last year on two buildings in Hong Kong and Osaka. TBWA found an excellent solution to grab people's attention in the saturated outdoor advertising spaces in Asia and to deliver the Adidas "Impossible is nothing".
The campaign generated an incredible impact and received a lot of attention also from the media. The X-Games have expressed interest in making the vertical 100m dash a "real" sport.

General Mills launches "Choose Breakfast" campaign

General Mills has announced today the launch of a new television "nonbranded" campaign targeting children.
The initiative is called "Choose Breakfast" and has the goal to promote healthy breakfast with cereals. The campaign was created by Saatchi & Saatchi New York, and will run for a full year reaching more than 80 percent of children nationwide. A dedicated website is also part of the effort, featuring content designed to engage kids on the benefits of eating breakfast.

Online marketing is cheaper: take your risks!

If you can read French you'll surely enjoy today's article on Le Journal du Net dedicated to the new trends in online advertising. Brands have started understanding the role the Internet can play in the media mix, they are discovering its peculiar characteristics acknowledging "originality" is the keyword to be successful. The article explores four recent campaigns which used humor and creativity to develop something "different" mixing videos and rich media with a viral touch.

Arnaud Lecherf, communication manager at IDTGV perfectly summarizes the approach marketers should have towards online campaigns: "Sur Internet, le ticket d'entrée est incomparablement moins élevé que sur les médias traditionnels, notamment la presse papier, la radio ou la télévision. Nous pouvons donc nous permettre de prendre des risques, d'oser adopter un ton plus percutant." (On the Internet the entrance ticket is cheaper than on traditional media like print, radio and Tv. Therefore we can afford taking risks and dare to adopt a stronger tone).

Eyeblaster and Pointroll announce Firefox compatibility

Rich media ads will be now available to reach a wider number of Internet users (about 97 percent). Both Eyeblaster and Pointroll have announced they have upgraded their rich media platforms expanding the ads' compatibility to Firefox and Mozilla.

The compatibility issue was becoming an hot topic in the industry and it's good to see technology providers have shown they're flexible enough to acknowledge there's plenty of life beyond Internet Explorer.

Just the highlights

DDB New Zealand for Sky - The History Channel. This campaign won the gold at AXIS 2005 Awards in the category "magazine advertising".


First winners announced in Cannes

The Media Lions and the Lions Direct have been announced one hour ago. In the Media Lions, the Grand Prix has been assigned to MediaCom Tel Aviv (Israel) for the "Clothing Donation" campaign for Procter & Gamble. In the Lions Direct Nordpol Hamburg won the Grand Prix for the Renault Modus campaign.

Reuters has a good article with details on the two winning ads.

Ben & Jerry Lick Global Warming

Ice-cream brand Ben & Jerry has created the "Climate Change College", a mix of workshops, lectures and internships with leading industry professionals, and based on the WWF Global PowerSwitch campaign, that aims at helping young adults (18-25) to develop environmental skills. Ads supporting the Lick Global Warning campaign are currently running, among the others, on MTV's websites.

June 21, 2005
Monopoly pays your rent

The popular board game Monopoly is celebrating its 70th anniversary with an incredibly original initiative. DDB London and Tribal DDB have created a real-life Monopoly that allows people to play online or via SMS. As Netimperative reports, the game will be played out for real on the streets of London, using taxis as playing pieces via GPS technology. The gaming mechanism is probably more difficult to explain than to actually try...

The final prize is extremely attractive, especially if you live in the expensive London: you get the rent paid for one year!


An integrated advertising campaign is building awareness and driving traffic to

We take you back and forth

Hesskiss for VZO (Switzerland).


[News via Persoenlich]

Young Europeans watch less Tv

A new research from the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) found out 15-24 year olds across Europe are spending less time watching TV and listening to the radio as a result of using the Internet. Despite a relevant decrease in consumption, Tv still represents the largest share of media time (31 percent) followed by the radio (27 percent) and the Internet (20 percent).

Kermit for BMW

You might have already heard of "Prinzip Freunde" a site packed with advertainment/infotainment content created by BMW to connect with its customers. It was launched one year ago to promote the BMW 1er and it's nice to see it's still alive and kicky. One of the main characteristics of the site (which is only in German) which attracts visitors' attention, is the fact it gives away a lot of prizes. Right now, among the others, it is possible to win tickets to the upcoming F1 Gran Prix in Hockenheim. Online ads starring Kermit the Frog are currently being used to promote the competition and drive traffic to the site.


Cyberlions: the shortlisted campaigns

The shortlisted entries for the Cyber Lions have been announced a few minutes ago. Agencies from Brazil, USA, the UK and Germany dominate the scene, but the battle for the awards is still very much open. I'm surprised to see Italy has four nominations.

Online advertising booming in the UK

The advertising expenditure in the UK is growing, the Quarterly Survey of Advertising Expenditure by the Advertising Association (AA) reports. The industry registered a year-on-year increase of 5.3 percent, equivalent to a 3.5 percent rise in real terms. During Q1 2005, television, outdoor and cinema slightly increased the revenues while online advertising showed an impressive 51.5 percent rise.

Spain to regulate food advertising to kids

In Spain over twenty companies have signed an agreement for the autoregulation of food advertising targeting the youth market. The initiative aims at diminishing the obesity among adolescents, and it's the first move in this direction within the European Community. The "Codigo Paos" is composed by 25 norms which, among the others, prohibit the use of celebrities as testimonials for food ads.

[News via Markarina]

Mobile marketing not just for teens

New market segments are opening their doors to mobile marketing. If we look at the results of the recent Ogygen Media initiative for Mr Romance, we see conversion rates where pretty good also among young women (18-33 years old). The campaign was based on a permission-based list provided by ipsh! which allowed targeting by age and geographic location sending out about 50,000 messages. Over 15 percent of the women who received the SMS actively responded to the message, and Oxygen also reported a 30 percent jump in traffic to its website during the two days the campaign was running.

CNN: free videos, longer ads

Chase and General Motors are the first sponsors of the new CNN free video service. The interest of users towards online video is growing and so is the appeal of the format to advertisers. CNN's broadband video used to be subscription based, but now the money from advertising is proving more interesting, considering the evolution of video ads formats becoming available. Among the others, CNN will be able to offer advertisers the opportunity to run ads up to 30 seconds long.

Volkswagen celebrates Mother's Day

Gramma FCB for Volkswagen (Bolivia).


Competing for consumers' attention and time

Consumers today are exposed from 3,500 to 5,000 marketing messages a day. On the street, on Tv, in the newspapers, online. Ads are everywhere but most of the people simply don't notice them or worst, notice but don't register them. Usa Today has a good article to introduce the Cannes Advertising Festival and discuss the challenges the advertising industry is now facing. The recurrent idea is "think outside of the box", which means, look beyond TV advertising which is no longer going to play a pivotal role in promotional campaigns.

Continue reading... "Competing for consumers' attention and time"

Listen to the blogs

Bloggers and blogs' readers leaving comments on the entries are the ultimate focus group. Adweek (sub. req.) explains U.S. Cellular through G Whiz carried out a market research listening to what potential college-age consumers were saying on their blogs.

G WHIZ is a subsidiary of Grey Global Group specialized in targeting the youth segment.

The Wall Street Journal also has a (free!) article on this topic.

Online advertising in Poland

The Internet is booming in Poland and, as a natural consequence, online advertising is getting a big business. The Warsaw Business Journal has an article (in English= on the effect broadband diffusion is having over the Internet's popularity. The online advertising market has grown by 43 percent in one year and the IAB Poland expects the growth not to slow down until 2008.
The biggest spenders at the moment belong to the financial sector, but also telecom companies are severely increasing their expenditures in online activities.

Among the agencies to watch in Poland we find Hypermedia, recently acquired by the Aegis group, named Interactive Agency of the Year for the past three years.

June 20, 2005
Subaru blogs at the Tour the France

A sweepstake to win the chance to ride around France and blog live from the Tour de France. In Race to the Tour awo bloggers will be selected to follow the last Armstrong's race and the performance of the Discovery Pro Cycling Team. The initiative is sponsored by Subaru, the site has been created by R/GA.

[News via Adrants]

Cannes Lions 2005: the shortlists!!!

The Cannes Lions Advertising Festival has started yesterday. The first shortlists have become available this morning: Media Lions, Lions Direct, Press. Winners will be announced starting from Wednesday, the Cyber Lions shortlist will be announced tomorrow.

An ecological advergame for Totalgaz

Crossvalue has created an advergame for Totalgaz with the aim of explaining the advantages of its ecological GPL Premier. The game challenges players at saving the city from pollution by discovering the GPL Premier logos around the streets.
The initiative also gives away prizes: one year of Total fuel for free, a vacation for two and a bunch of 20€ fuel vouchers.


[News via Design Interactif]

Vespa picks KraftWorks

KraftWorks has been selected by Piaggio USA to create a targeted advertising program for the Vespa brand in the US. The campaign will include traditional media but also viral marketing promotions (blogging should be already part of the effort).
Neil Kraft, president and CEO of Kraftworks explained they won the account by submitting an imaginative photo essay entitled "Day in the Life of a Vespa". Mr Kraft added this was the first time in the agency's four-year history that they submitted an unsolicited pitch to a potential client.

This confirms the fact the advertising world is getting tougher: if the mountain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to the mountain.

Automotive ads on auto websites increase purchase intent

Automotive brands wanting to affect the purchase intent need to advertise on car sites which proved to be much more effective than business, news and sports Web sites. This is what comes out from a research conducted by Dynamic Logic, which evaluated the effectiveness of online campaigns in the automotive industry. For what concerns the "branding effect" all sites bring almost the same results.

Continue reading... "Automotive ads on auto websites increase purchase intent"

June 17, 2005
What about buying ads in RSS feeds?

A recent report by Forrester Research ("US Online Marketing Forecast 2005 to 2010") found out that 57% of marketers are "somewhat" or "very" interested in RSS advertising (64% expressed the same opinion on blogs advertising). Despite the forecast, at the moment, advertisers still have a lot of doubts concerning this kind of solution. Trying to show the right way to RSS advertising, MarketingSherpa presents the case study of Citrix GoToMeeting which just tested RSS and podcasting ads.

Site Targeting debuts on AdWords

Inside AdWords announced yesterday Google has eventually launched a new Adwords feature that allows the targeting of ads by site.
It will be now possible to:
- target sites and not just keywords
- animated image ads are available within site-targeted campaigns
- site-targeted campaigns allow advertisers to bid for a placement on a CPM basis

Learn more here.

Guess what does Batman drink and eat?

mirinda_berry.jpgDid you ever wonder what does Batman drink?
Well, he has his own drink "Mirinda Batman Blast Berry Fusion", a soft drink just launched by PepsiCo in India, Malaysia and UAE. A commercial just debuted on Indian television to promote it and a sponsored movie micro-site is also part of the co-marketing effort.
Batman drinks this strange Mirinda Blast Berry Fusion, and eats... chicken. According to Propaganda & Marketing (in Portuguese) KFC has just launched a promotion connected to the movie.

Sony Ericsson goes to Wimbledon

Sony Ericsson has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Daily Mail to run a series of ads during the upcoming Wimbledon tennis tournament. Mediaweek reports Sony Ericsson will sponsor the online journal section dedicated to Wimbledon as well as a special 12-page supplement to be included in the paper on Monday 20 June.


Looking at how the Sony Ericsson banner appears now on the Wimbledon section, this looks like a very good deal only for the Daily Mail...

Mobile advertising growing slooowly

Revenues from mobile advertising will capture 2% of the online ad spend, representing just 2% of the projected $47 billion online advertising spend in 2010. A new report by Strategy Analitics ( "Advertising on the Fourth Screen: Opt-In To Dominate Mobile Marketing Spend") investigates the impact mobile phones will have on the advertising industry.

nokia6111.jpgWith the introduction of 3G more and more multimedia content is becoming available and this surely provides new opportunities for advertisers also. However there is still a lot of skepticism both in consumers and advertisers of the effectiveness of such tool. Many players are reluctant to enter the premium content delivery channel and users aren't (yet?) ready to pay for branded content.

Germany discusses soap opera product placement

Germany seems to have a problem with product placement. An article on Deutsche Welle (in English!) points out that is getting more and more difficult to distinguish editorial content from advertising. Recently a polemic has emerged when it became clear that public Tv network ARD was broadcasting a soap opera (Marienhof) full of hidden promotional messages.

Unfortunately the product placement "problem" is not limited to Germany, and the EU commission has started considering the issue.

Brand Channel recently published an interesting article on brands and movie advertising moving beyond product placement deals.

Paris 2012: play the Baguette Javelin

Paris 2012 has launched a lovely advergame to entertain and engage the supporters of its candidacy to host the Olympic Games.
Pick your Japanese-style character (this is kind of strange for a French production...) and compete in four different events (I loved the baguette Javelin!)

Points of view (2)

Prolam (Young & Rubicam Chile) for Laboratorios Andrómaco Chile.


Now your feet and your nose can live together.

Points of view

Bogart comunications C. A. for Fund. Venezolana de Donantes de Sangre.


There are still people who believe oil is the most important liquid.
Donate blood

June 16, 2005
Cinzano looking for an agency

Cinzano is getting ready for a pan-European marketing effort. Brand Republic reports the Italian drink brand is looking for an agency to create the campaign. Cinzano, which is part of the Campari group, is currently among the sponsors of the MotoGP.

I'm looking for an ad management solution

I'm looking for a reliable and affordable ad management solution.
If anyone has any suggestion, please leave a comment or email me.
Partnership opportunities will be also considered and very much appreciated. Thanks,


Targeting the highway audience

The LA Times has an article on the new generation of street billboards. High-definition screens have recently appeared on urban freeways, raising concerns among safety groups and interest among advertisers.

The Tropicana Breakfast Club

In the UK Tropicana is running an on-pack loyalty promotion in association with British Airways, Classic FM and The Sunday Times. In August the juice brand will start giving away a BA Club Europe weekend break for two, to one of 31 different European countries. Consumers can already sign up for a chance to win visiting the Tropicana Breakfast Club site.
A huge advertising campaign will support the competition (£12.3 million is the investment in branding for 2005). The Tropicana's marketing ideas, as explained by the PepsiCo Trade Marketing Manager Nicky Seal, are to engage Tropicana's drinkers, drive brand awareness and reinforce the juice number one positioning on the UK market.

The "One" campaign goes online

ClickZ reports today the "One" campaign is debuting on the Web. The initiative, with the creativity by, aims at raising awareness among Americans of global issues like Aids and poverty. Viewpoint created the rich media ads driving traffic to the website. Advertising spaces have been donated, among the others, by AOL, 24/7 Real Media, MSN, Google and

Unite for Victory

Telecom, a New Zealand fixed and mobile operator, is targeting rugby fans with the "Unite for Victory" campaign connected to the DHL New Zealand Lions Series. Telecom, which is the All Blacks sponsor, has set up where New Zealanders can express their support to the team, download goodies and win a wide range of prizes.


The site, featuring a nice retro graphic, has been developed by BeWeb, while the agency behind the campaign is Saatchi & Saatchi.

June 15, 2005
eBay partners with Coke

In Germany Coca-Cola has signed a sponsorship agreement with eBay. The deal is connected to a summer promotion which will allow music fans to meet their favourite singers. The initiative will last nine weeks and Coke expects to generate over 1.3 billion contacts.

Lancia: United_Against_Ugliness

United_Against_Ugliness is the tagline used by Lancia to promote its new Ypsilon car. The campaign is now online with a series of ads and a microsite created by Testawebedv, packed with content (image gallery, interactive tv, screensavers, car configurator etc...). The UAU (United_Against_Ugliness) movement is going around the country visiting 27 Italian cities to diffuse the concept of beauty & safety.


It's surely good to see such an integrated marketing effort in Italy (maybe someone is waking up, uh?), however the campaign has some controversial points. The Tv spot for example (you can watch it on the site) features hundreds young adults marching against ugliness. A lot of people have been marching in the past to defend human rights or to fight for freedom, from this perspective the Lancia ad appears to be an unnecessary parody. Furthermore, from a sociological point of view, the UAU concept is a celebration of the aesthetic values (can we consider them values?) visual consuption.

If you're interested in visual consumption, I suggest you reading this book.

Cornetto's standard-free ads

Cornetto, probably Italy's most popular icecream is online with an advertising campaign to promote its Free Music Festival. MRM Partners developed the micro-site presenting the concerts and the ads appear on Tiscali's portal in the Music and Entertainment sections.
Pubblicità Italia reports the news, adding that Tiscali's pages have been "redesigned" to host the creative format 300x250 pixel. I'm sorry but I don't get it: how comes there are still agencies out there producing ads not compliant with the standards that oblige a publisher to redesign its pages?

A part from this critic to MRM Partners or to whom decided the ads format, I must say the micro-site is nice and really makes you feel the concerts' atmosphere.

The new 3D Tigra

Draft London is the agency behind the online marketing push by Vauxhall to promote the new Tigra. The micro-site takes advantage of a 3D animation to present the car in all its details.

Be sure to have a good broadband connection to fully appreciate it.

Targeting by weather for

In the UK has launched an online advertising campaign which will target users according to the weather. Ads appearing on local sites like This is London, will change according to the current weather conditions in the city. Revolution Magazine explains the campaign idea is to explain Yell gives users exactly what they want. If it's sunny, the ads will present, for example, outdoor activities, if it's raining, you'll get indications to have fun and not get wet.

AKQA for the creative and I-Level for the media planning are behind the campaign.

The Republic of Lauda

Niki Lauda is a former Formula 1 pilot. Lauda Air is the airline company he founded in Austria about twenty years ago. The Republic of Lauda is an original marketing concept and a virtual world created by JWT Wien.
The idea is to strengthen Lauda's Air position on the market with a provocative and sexy campaign. In the Republic of Lauda it's always holiday, because holiday is a state of mind, and because Lauda Air offers 34 destinations to relax and escape the daily stress.

For sure we can agree they have decided to do things in a different way. I like the concept, the outdoor advertising is good, while to me, the Web part looks rather poor.

June 14, 2005
The perfect Coke

Springer&Jacoby (Hamburg) for Coca-Cola Light.

June 09, 2005
Verizon and the broadband stories

R/GA has created the web experience for the new Verizon corporate campaign promoting its broadband connection. A robust online campaign featuring traditional, rich media and video banners is driving traffic to which hosts an interactive community of broadband enthusiasts. The site becomes a destination enabling guests to create profiles and share rich media (imagery and videos), and hosts the stories of real people, creating an understanding of how broadband is changing the world.

MSN Spain supports Madrid 2012

Where will the Olympic Games take place in 2012? London, New York, Paris or Madrid?
To promote candidacy of Madrid, MSN Spain has created a special section where visitors are asked to write a supporting message which will be forwarded to the Commission.
The Olympic MSN buddies look really nice!

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