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May 31, 2006
Quick links for May 31

Samsung "the slim" and the X-Men, a creation by Perfect Fools. Solve the three clues and come up with a good motivation why you should be the winner.

Periscope built the mini-site for eBay Motors and Toyota, partnering in the "Moving Forward Gallery".

May 31, 2006
Becel, no panic

I like this ad for Becel Canada. I found it on YouTube, posted by the author himself.

May 29, 2006
Stop Holland: funny or silly?

Don't let this nightmare become reality. Don't let Holland win the World Cup final against Germany. Electronic Arts has put online a controversial (and therefore viral) advertainment website to promote its Fifa World Cup videogame. The idea of Jung Von Matt is to allow Germans to make fun of Dutch people and incidentally discover the new videogame.


The mini-site offers the chance to submit user generated choirs against the Orange team, as well as to send condolences messages to the Dutch football fans.

Continue reading... "Stop Holland: funny or silly?"

The Beckham's interactive video advergames

Volkswagen is online with a new mini-site to promote its Touran model and its sponsorship of the David Beckham (football) Academy.


The interesting thing to look at in this mini-site are the advergames. They are not particularly original nor challenging to play, but they are all based on an innovative video interface, showcasing the interactive potentials of Flash 8. Tribal DDB London did the job.

Volkswagen launches Beetle Art

Volkswagen has just launched its special edition Beetle Luna and it's promoting it with a direct marketing action to drive traffic the Beetle Art minisite. Proximity London will distribute 90,000 packs to target female Volkswagen customers aged 25 to 49 "for whom style is the most important factor when choosing a new car".

Beetle Art (design by Tribal DDB) allows users to create, view and print out a copy of their customised decal designs. The website also allows visitors to enter a competition to win their creation.

news via Brandrepublic (sub. req.)

Getting back money can be fun.

Open and caviar have created a viral campaign for the the Belgian financial newspaper De Tijd in order to promote their annual tax guide. Buy the newspaper next Saturday (03/06/2006) and enter the contest to win your taxes as first prize.

IMHO it could have been done a little bit more funny or it could have been done in another way but it is still nice to see a common frustration in this viral clip. As are taxes.

May 26, 2006
Stella Artois: can you pull the perfect pint?

Lowe Worldwide and Lowe Tesch have created a video-advergame to challenge beer lovers pulling the perfect pint. The experience is quite engaging, also because it's very much in Stella Artois' mood.

The action takes place in Le Cercle Bar et Brasserie, a classic bar set somewhere in the French speaking world. Players first of all need to select the right glass (and this is pretty straightforward), then they are asked to perform more difficult actions, such as deciding the perfect glass' inclination etc...
As you can see, my performance is not worth remembering...

news via Brandrepublic.

May 25, 2006
Not the usual

Karl Spain, an extremely popular Irish comedian stars in the mini-site Smithwick beer has put online to promote its involvement in the sponsorship of the Kilkenny Cat Laughs Festival, an International comedy festival that takes place in Ireland every year.

An amusing experience, full of video content. Actually I started laughing since the first screen... "fill out the form!"...

Quick links for May 25th

Discover the United States with the Toyota Yaris city guide created by Saatchi & Saatchi LA. Nice interactivity and soundtrack.

Rexona is online with a multi-lingual minisite in cartoon style dedicated to the football supporters.

In the UK, Vodafone has launched "Who needs a desk" a video mini-site to promote its services for mobile devices. Dare Digital is behind it.

May 24, 2006
Catch them!

This ad by DDB Sao Paulo for Companhia Athletica won the Clio Award 2006.

Do you like it? Personally I'm not very convinced. It reminds me of a much better commercial done by Nike a few years ago. Do you remember "tag it"? That was cool!

Continue reading... "Catch them!"

4 Opel cars, 4 Bloggers, and lots of credibility discussions

In Germany the car manufacturer Opel has started a blog project to promote the new Opel Astra. Four bloggers are equipped with the new car for four weeks in order to test and review. All the blog posts a sydicated on the Astra blog Further there is a sweepstake where the users have to send in pictures of the Opel bloggers.

The fact that the bloggers are sponsored with the car and the allowances are paid had kicked off discussions in the blogosphere about credidibility and the sell-out of the bloggs.


May 23, 2006
Opel, prepare your hair

Laurens sent me the link to this viral campaign Opel is running in The Netherlands to support its Tigra Twin Top. In order to access the content you need to fill in your first name and last name plus a mobile phone number (you can use this: 0650847199 which my old Dutch number).


Once you are in you will find a video (which isn't actually very funny, at least for me) which ends with a crazy Indian guy calling you on your mobile to tell you about the campaign. Of course you won't be able to listen to the phone call, but I wanted to share this link because I like the idea of integrating media and messages. The Opel campaign in itself isn't particularly brilliant nor viral, but they are doing a great thing taking a campaign from the Internet to the mobile phone and viceversa. A good starting point for you guys to come up with other concepts...

Nike "Plus" Apple: wow!

Nike and Apple are always one step ahead. Look at what they have done together: the Nike+iPod Sport Kit which allows you to keep track of your running performance and also receive voice updates during your race. Simply amazing, also because they put online a very good website to support the product launch and allow people to register their performance through an online software.


Simple, usable and extremely clear in the explanation, the site also features the favourite tracks of some popular Nike's testimonials. Do you want the tracks? But them at iTunes. Damn smart!


Outdoor bluetooth podcasting

In the UK, the financial and business paper City AM has started delivering its podcasts to mobile phones taking advantage of Bluetooth technology. As reported on NMA "screens at Liverpool Street and Waterloo stations display a City AM commercial prompting viewers to turn-on the Bluetooth function on their phones to download an MP3 file of City PM, City AM's daily 5-minute news podcast".

This is a really cool idea, it's definitely an explosive mix of technology (bluetooth), media (mobiles + outdoor) and content (podcasts). Wow! Take note...

Bizznizz, make money at 12 years old

Bizznizz is a new online tool presented in The Netherlands by the Postbank and developed by BrandBase. Through the Bizznizz website and a special briefcase, kids between the age of 11 and 14 years old are able to start their own 'bizznizz'. They can create their own business cards, business paper, t-shirts and other advertising materials in order to fulfill jobs like a real professional.


So to all parents: You finally have someone to wash the car and do the dishes!!

Hollands Secret Weapon

During the European Championship Football in 2004, the loudspeaker hat from Heineken Netherlands got banned from Portuguese stadiums due to sponsor issues. That’s the reason they now, for the upcoming World Cup in Germany, introduced a new premium: Hollands Secret Weapon. A gentle looking German hunter’s head, but one that can be easily converted into a loudspeaker.

For the introduction of the new hat, Heineken started an extensive underground campaign...

Continue reading... "Hollands Secret Weapon"

Everyday Fabulous with ikea

Ikea New York hosts a fabolous exhibition named “Everyday Fabulous Exhibit” They invite people to come and see how good design can transform the most ordinary day into something spectacular. More interestingly, their design team transformed NYC locations with Ikea. Great guerilla and great experience for people.


Continue reading... "Everyday Fabulous with ikea"

May 22, 2006
Expenses Invaders

Eventually an advergame from Italy which doesn't ask users for the registration up-front. It's called Spese Invaders (Expenses Invaders) and it has been developed by Olà for Fineco, an online bank.


More than a car

I love the illustration of this ad that BETC Euro RSCG has created for Peugeot 307. I just wonder how effective it can be... Maybe it's too artistic...
Copy says: Outside, it is a car, inside, it is larger.

via Brainstorm #9.

May 21, 2006
Book review: Mobile Marketing

Books on mobile marketing are extremely rare, therefore I was very curious when Elsevier sent me a copy of "Mobile Marketing: Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Wireless Technology".

It's a sort of handbook, so I read it pretty fast, also skipping, I must admit, a few parts dedicated to the explanation of mobile technologies (e.g. chapter 12, Applications environments). As you know, I tend to have a very critic and/but pragmatic approach to everything I'm asked to evaluate, so forgive me if my judgement is brief and straightforward.

If you're new to mobile marketing, then this book is a good option to start understanding the potentials of marketing via cell phones. When I say marketing, I mean "marketing", and not just advertising or promotion, since the authors also tell us something about mobile content and m-commerce. I enjoyed the chapter dedicated to the wireless advertising models, and I appreciated the fact that also delicate issues such as planning & budgeting and the measurement of the results receive some attention.

Continue reading... "Book review: Mobile Marketing"

What are you gonna do next?

What step will you take after finishing school? On they share some ideas. An excellent illustration/design, but not all the career options are worth looking at.


The site is kind of cryptic, you don't really understand what's behind it. Ventilate says a promotional idea of the US Airforce.

May 20, 2006
You'll better use DHL

Jung von Matt, Berlin for DHL.
Copy says: Next time you will use DHL.


via Creative Brain.

Yellow Pages, in case of need

From Israel, a viral ad to promote the Yellow Pages.

May 18, 2006
BIC goes viral with the students

Amusing viral ads by BIC, the pens producer. The students, interrogated by the teacher, make terrible spelling mistake, hence BIC comes up with its message: make sure that at least the written test is correct.

Unfortunately, only those of you who speak French will appreciate them. More videos here and here.

via Alternative Buzz.

The Levi's Truth Booth

Stay True is new Levi's campaign which OgilvyOne Singapore has taken online creating the "Truth Booth". If you have something to confess, to yourself or to the world, visit the website and record your message. You can send it as audio or video, as you prefer, as you dare.

The submitted messages will be collected in the Levi's 501 directory, where other users will be able to listen to them (or watch them) and rate them.

A very good campaign which express the potentials of video on the web, and takes advantage of people's desire to show off.

The friends of Tele2

From Sweden, another interactive campaign that puts community building at the center of the stage: telephone operator Tele2 has launched The Friend Network, based on the Six Degrees principle. Invite a friend, who will invite a friend, who will invite a friend, create your network of "dots" in the world and start sending free SMS. The site also features a beautiful TV spot, which unfortunately is embedded in the Flash and therefore I cannot link.

More info about the campaign on the Forsman & Bodenfors demo website. To see a working demo, click here, user name and password are already filled in.

Wanna be an X-Men?

Google Maps to power an X-Men community site. From Australia, the latest idea of Soap Creative to promote the movie "X Men: The Last Stand".

On the mini-site the movie fans can post their picture and description and be precisely localized using Google Maps. Users are able to develop mutant profiles and "pin" themselves to any location, which can be found by other site visitors. They’re also able to include a link to their personal website or blog within their profile, and add other users to a planet-wide "buddy list".

An interesting escamotage to create a community, even if the idea of telling the entire world where I precisely live doesn't drive me crazy.

Happy birthday Adverblog!

Today Adverblog turns 3!!!
Everything started on May 18th, 2003...

Since I've started my new job at Diesel it's not easy to keep the pace of daily postings (I work too much :-). However, given the constant support you guys give me, it's impossible to quit! In a way or another, I'll keep Adverblog alive :-)
For example, I've now opened the doors to excellent contributors like Rocco and Daniele, so keep sending me hints, compliments and free gadgets/books, I won't let you down :-)

Rexona Sport Fan and the World Cup

In Brazil, Rexona has launched a mini-site as part of a new campaign for Rexona Sport Fan. Of course the content is World Cup related: a video showing a Brazilian football fan at the stadium, a Sport Fan manifesto and an Atari style advergame and the possibility to support the Brazilian team by sending a short message.


The mini-site is not groundbreaking, it's advertainment, there is a Flash 8 video, but I would have expected something more integrated with the TV campaign (see below). It's the same old story, the site is nice to see once, but it doesn't give you many reasons to come back or, even worse, to spread the word about it. Considering the craziness in online marketing of Axe (Rexona's competitor) they could have tried to create something "wilder".

Continue reading... "Rexona Sport Fan and the World Cup"

May 17, 2006
Fashion by post

DDB Barcelona for Venca, Fashion by Post.


Continue reading... "Fashion by post"

Are you a Fanimal?

AKQA is behind the new weird online campaign of Peperami: Fanimal.
What is a Fanimal? As Amy explains in the latest issue of Out to launch, a Fanimal is a rubber toy that screams out rants, which football fans can throw at the TV when the opposing team scores or the referee makes a bad call.


Sadly enough, the World Cup is everywhere.

Drive your Ford in the Acropolis rally

I'm very happy to post about this advergame: first of all it's the very first interactive campaign I receive from Greece, and second Panos, who is the Director of Interactive Services at OgilvyOne, Athens sent me an email with "an offer I could not refuse". The game lets you drive a Ford Focus inside the Special Stage of the Rally Acropolis that is taking place on June 1st inside the Athens Olympic Stadium (where the 2004 Olympics took place). People that register and play the game, can win a VIP Experience Package for the Rally, including hotels, packstage access, tickets and transport to the events, and so on.


The game in itself is just a "standard" racing game (even though it contains an Easter Egg - press L while you're playing), but Panos sent me all the info about it in an amazing way (for a blogger, at least). Since the copy is in Greek characters it would have been impossible for me to login and play, but I've been sent a guest account you guys can also use: guest @ (of course remove the spaces).

Have fun! And welcome to Greece :-)

The trustworthy lawn mower

Thibault from Publicis sent me the link to this strange TV spot Viking is running in France for the release of a new lawnmower. The idea is of course to showcase the longevity and the trustworthiness of the product. It will follow you.

Quite amusing!

Footballers Wive$, everybody plays dirty

If you like football and you're a fan of Desperate Housewives, you will probably enjoy this advergame, just launched by BBC America to promote the new Tv series Footballers Wive$.


The game is quite challenging, since your goal is to keep everybody happy. Agents, managers, wives and girlfriends always need to be in a good mood, so make sure they have everything their "little hearts" desire - love, fame, money, power, and yes, a good reputation.

Given the awful situation Italian football is living, I appreciate the fact some people around the world do not take football too seriously.

Life is too short for the wrong job

An excellent ad by Scholz & Friends Berlin for the website Definitely one of the best execution of the year.


Found on the great A/D Goodness.

Continue reading... "Life is too short for the wrong job" spam

Probably this is not a news, it's just me eventually finding out how silly and pervasive is spam :-(


Red Bull Flugtag mobile sold out

Next Sunday Red Bull will be in Rotterdam (NL) with the first edition of the Dutch Red Bull Flugtag. The tickets for the event have been sold only via mobile. In two weeks, HotSMS managed to distribute 12.000 tickets, using a combination of premium SMS and Internet to verify the codes.

SMS advertising and a mobile game are also part of the Red Bull campaign still in The Netherlands.

May 14, 2006
Lonely Planet presents not so original advergame

Guess the cities in the advergame launched by Lonely Planet.


Very very similar to the popular Virgin "Exercise your muscle" advergame online at end of last year.

Haagen-Dazs branded stamps

From Austria, a series of stamps sponsored by Haagen-Dazs. The icecream brand partnered with the Austrian Postal Service to produc a limited edition series of postal stamps featuring the images of their latest campaign. The idea is of TBWA Germany.


via TBWA blog.

May 09, 2006
Sloggi and the sexy World Cup

Crazy Dutch people, I love them! Look at what Sloggi has put online for the Football World Cup: the (women) Football Wall (Voetball Muurtje - via What do you think? What's the sense of this minisite? Does it really sell pants to women? All right, tell me another story :-)

BTW, today on Adrants, Steve points to a study claiming that NO, sex doesn't sell.

Quick links for May 9

Ads of the World has launched an advertising forum. It's a good place to discover ads submitted by students and provide them with feedback. If you wanna help, check it out!

Night Agency has just released a promotional (advertainment) website for Symantec: Symantec's goal is to help educate people about theft online
and how they can protect themselves (using their products, of course).

From Denmark, the "technology monster", a (viral?) video created by Ogilvy for Ford.

An advergame for advertising agencies

From Denmark, an interesting advergame to promote Maconomy X, a financial solution for advertising agencies. Catch Time – on Time is about a challenge any agency executive will recognize: get your people to submit time on time. The Creative people are very reluctant and will make comments... but this is something you already know :-)


Missing Alvaro

Another cow starring in an online campaign: Manzo Scomparso (disappeared beef) is a teaser for something. They have been smart registering the domain name through Bulkregister, so at the moment I'm not able to tell you who's behind it.

Let's see what happens next.

Danone: football for kids

In Spain Danone is running an integrated campaign to target kids who love football on the way to Germany 2006. They have created a site, in which users can navigate as if they were walking around a stadium (moving from the bar to the locker room or the press room etc...). Images of Ronaldinho, Danet's testimonial, are everywhere, but the site offers more than just his smiling "bunny" face. It is definitely content rich, and the interface offers a good experience to discover all the goodies available.

As explained on Marketing Directo, mobile is also part of the effort, with branded content available for download.

May 08, 2006
Durex: happy father's day

This is so good (and nasty)!

If you know the agency, please comment.
Via Brief Blog.

Turn the wheel and get your poster

From Argentina, I received this ad showing an unusual billboard (or "chupetes", as they would say). You push a button and you get your Nike's poster. This video better shows how everything works.


The placement is an idea of 361° while the creativity is, of course, of Nike's agency Wieden + Kennedy. The only weird thing is that, apparently, in Argentina they are giving away Ronaldo's posters (who is Brazilian...).

Scary Movie advergame

Kill some monsters but spare the babes in an Australian advergame to promote Scary Movie 4. Excellent soundtrack BTW.


The agency behind it is Spin.

Plan your family

I like this ad to promote intelligent parenting. It has been created for a Ministry of Health. Unfortunately I don't know the country nor the agency, if you do, please leave a comment.


via Reclamlar.

Advertising for birds

Wanna sell birds' food? Show, don't just tell how much they will like it! The idea for this Friskies ad is of Leo Burnett Lisbon.



via Brainstorm 9.


One of the reasons why I've been so busy lately... Diesel-U-Music... we just launched it! It's a contest for unsigned talent, so if you know any good artist playing rock, hip-hop or electronic, tell him/her/them about the competition.

We will be collecting the music online until the end of June, then there will be the evaluation of the entries (including a public vote) and a final event in London next October.

May 07, 2006
Where is was your 360?

whereis.jpgIn Singapore, Microsoft has just finished running an unusual treasure hunt based challenging players to find five hidden Xbox 360 through a webcam-enabled hunt. As explained in an article on Brand Republic (sub. req.), clicking into the microsite led contestants to a virtual control room, where they could search the streets through pre-embedded webcams.

The contest has been promoted with radio ads, but generated most of the traffic through word-of-mouth. all five Xbox units were found within the first three days.

May 06, 2006
Mystery Solved

So here we go. The constant consideration about how and when to utilize what part of the digital communication channels and how to glide that into the overall marketing to end up by giving the user one harmonic and elegant experience with whatever messages you are seeking to get across is closing in with this solution, I think.


I just had a go at The Da Vinci Code today powered by Google… I must say that they have done a great job integrating the Google offerings in the quest.

Check it out for yourself – I am actually quite impressed with the way it flows. First of all you need a Google account – excellent conversion trigger. Then they take you through the quest and facilitate you with different Google products along the ride to ease-up the mystery solving for you. You will probably meet products in a relevant context from Google that you did not even know they had – until having challenged yourself in the quest.

Elegant example on how to integrate a series of products in a user relevant context to stress where and when these products become helpful… And a great way of utilizing the digital communication channel as an integrated part of the movie launch.

Go Code Crunching:

May 05, 2006
Pedigree launches My(dog)Space

NMA reports that Pedigree is investing £250,000 in creating an online community for dog lovers.

pedigreedog.jpg wants to be an online space where dog lovers can interact by sharing tips by uploading photos and information describing what's unique about their dog. Competitions will be added to the site in order to support recurring visits. Joshua Interactive and ITG Digital did the job.

A Cluedo advergame for B2B

In the UK, the The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has launched an advergame to educate businesses on the risks associated with software piracy. Inspired to the popular Hasbro title Cluedo, the game challenges the player to find out, as a managing director, how illegal software has proliferated withing the company. Players who solve the mystery are invited to submit their score to win prizes, which consist of "legal" software.


Interesting idea, especially if you consider the B2B target, but unfortunately the game isn't very engaging.

via NetImperative

Pjotro -The man with the musical suit

A really interesting viral campaign from Nokia:

Play with Pjotro and create your own tune. Very brave campaign in the subtlety of the branding.

May 04, 2006
The Heineken invasion

While waiting for the massive promotional efforts during the upcoming football World Cup, Heineken has launched an entertaining "intermezzo" to remind the Dutch market of its beer.


Heineken bottles and cans are invading the world, a weird and very well executed concept by Qi (developed in only four weeks).

[news via Emerce, in Dutch]

The beginning of Blackberry marketing

I've found this some weeks ago on Micropersuasion, it's about "Blackberry marketing", a new or "another" form of mobile marketing.
The news is that Columbia Pictures is offering a free game for Blackberries to promote “RV" a new movie with Robin Williams. But the important thing for us to focus on is that Blackberries are evolving, becoming more than business tools. As Steve writes "the Blackberry is an incredibly fertile marketing ground if we can find a way to court the businessperson to let us in. It's more valuable real estate than the back page of the Wall Street Journal".

Real estate online marketing

Too many loaders but a very interesting interface in the new Flash 8 website created by MagneticNorth for Chimney Pot Park, a new residential area in Manchester. I don't know why but it somehow reminds me of Harry Potter...


One of the reasons why I post this, is because I love Brits! I mean, I love the fact that they use the Web to communicate any kind of message, even a promo for a new residential area.

May 03, 2006
The "alternative" online advertising channels

Research company PQ Media has released last month the "Blog, Podcast and RSS Advertising Outlook". According to the study, "combined spending on blog, podcast and RSS advertising bolted 198.4% to $20.4 million in 2005, and is expected to grow another 144.9% to $49.8 million in 2006".

In future perspective PQ Media believes that podcast advertising will be a larger market than blog advertising by 2010, when blogs will comprise only 39.7%, or $300.4 million, of overall expenditures in such "alternative" online channels.

Continue reading... "The "alternative" online advertising channels"

May 02, 2006
Cow parade ad spoofs Brokeback Moutain

Fabio from McCann Erickson Lisbon sent me this Brokeback Mountain spoof ad they created to promote the Cow Parade in Lisbon 2006.

CowParade is a world-wide art tour with actual-size fiber glass cows painted by artists, designers, advertising creatives, students and the public. Opens in May 15th in the streets of Lisbon and McCann is the official agency of the event.

Philips shaves you everywhere

Another website highlights the importance of body grooming for men: it's, launched by Philips Norelco to promote their new shaver.


It's done in Flash 8 and it has some sense of humour.
Is it very funny (and viral) or just very silly? You decide!

Continue reading... "Philips shaves you everywhere"

Kiss my "six pack"

Sanex, a grooming range brand, has just launched a pan-European online campaign to promote its Sanex for Men website. As reported on NMA, a series of interactive ads on heavy traffic websites are taking visitors to, which looks like a locker room.


The campaign has been created by Framfab, which focused on showcasing the core value of the Sanex range: prepare, relax and refresh, of course with a touch of sexiness. Yes, sex appeal plays a big role in this campaign, presenting features such as the "kiss my six pack" highlighted in the post's title, the "body mania" and even a personal trainer "gym mate" to help men getting fit and sexy.

Hype or not: Nokia N91?

Soon, very soon Nokia releases a new phone in the N-series. The N91.

Looking at it's features I can only say I am amazed. And, not taking the price into account, it looks like it's going to beat the iPod as a gadget. The new Nokia N91 has it all, built in one!!

nokia_N91.jpgSome of it’s features:
- 4Gb hard disc, the same as the iPod Nano, for up to 3000 songs in stereo
- Plays MP3, wmv, wav, aac
- Download using USB, WiFi
- Battery lasts for 12h before recharging
- FM-radio
- 2 megapixel camera
- a whole bunch of smartphone applications and functions

Target price: 649€.

But talking about buzz. In Belgium, the Antwerp based agency These Days has started creating word around the new phone. 4 People in Belgium got a for testing and writing about it on their blog. This seemed to be a perfect solution. Instead of spending a huge budget on marketing, the bloggers are doing all the promotion in exchange for a N91.

One person got the for auctioning on eBay. Also a success as people started bidding from all over the world. The Nokia got sold for 812 Euros.

You'll better learn some English

From Germany, a funny TV commercial for Berlitz...

May 01, 2006
Back from my holidays

Sorry for the long break, I've been on vacation... with my boyfriend in Cinque Terre with no Internet connection for ten days... simply wonderful :-)


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