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June 30, 2006
Coke’s Happiness Factory

Awesome commercial for Coca Cola, that takes an imaginative journey inside a Coke machine. The spot is part of their latest campaign: The Coke Side of Life. Psyop designed and animated the spot.

June 28, 2006
Award for sale

lion.jpgThe Brussels based agency Mortierbrigade and recent award winner at the Cannes Advertising Festival, has placed the Bronze Lion it won for sale on eBay. They won the award for a guerrilla campaign called "Moved to" (made for the auction site). The reason they want to sell the award is because they want to share this with the eBay community.

A little bizar if you ask me but if you are eager to have an award and if you are up on paying 1020 Euros, go ahead and bid. Because that's the price it's at at this very moment. The auction still lasts until 29-jun-06 17:42:07 CET.

About the campaign:
Mortierbrigade had created stickers that they placed on shop windows. The text on the stickers was "Moved to".

(source: Corneel is online)

June 23, 2006
The Barber Brigade

My friends at eRoi have just launched a new website called Barber Brigage for Sharp shaveres. A vintage design and some amusing interactions make the site worth a visit.


June 22, 2006
Virgin Atlantic: How deep is your love?

A little bit gay, very funny. BBDO for Virgin Atlantic.

via AdFreak.

Stop racism, but change the ball

JWT Puerto Rico for Amnesty International. It's an ad against racism, too bad that, as Houtlog points out, this type of ball (black & white) is no longer used... this is too outstyle...


Copy says: En este maravilloso juego, el blanco y el negro siempre han estado juntos. Detén el racismo.
In this wonderful game, white and black always have been together. Stop racism.

Calucci, the game

Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer Achmea runs an interesting ‘game commercial’. The accompanying TV commercial tells the story of Mr van den Berg, who’s in a witness protection program. As soon as he arrives in his new house, the mayor of Omerta Falls introduces him, in front of national television, as resident nr. 100.000. The online game starts at point the doorbell rings. Mission: avoid this mayor and get out of the house unseen.

Continue reading... "Calucci, the game"

June 21, 2006
Movies are made to be seen

From France, a TV spot for Canal + to promote the movies channel and the movie The March of the Penguins (which in France was originally called The March of the Emperor). Amusing.

I think BETC Euro RSCG, Paris did it, but I'm not sure.

June 20, 2006
Google Earth and AdWords

Dutch online marketing magazine Emerce has an interesting interview with Chikai Ohazama, Google Earth product manager. Google is releasing this week a new version of the 3D application which allows users to browse the world through satellite pictures.

In general, in the new version the quality of the images has been very much improved, but the most appealing feature for us, as marketers (and advertisers), is the possibility of using Google Earth to display ads. Advertising will increasingly become a part of the tool. Mr Ohazama explains they are still in a testing phase to find the best solutions for advertisers, but the AdWords model is already an interesting model to use and exploit.

If you're interesting in learning more about the new Google Earth version, this is the link to follow...

Coca-Cola is now Blak

In France and in the United States, Coca-Cola has recently introduced a new drink: Coca-Cola Blak. To promote it in the relevant markets, they have decide (of course) to take advantage of online communication, so they have launched a dedicate website: The homepage is the gateway to different worlds and approaches. A part from the audio introduction to the content and from the brown palette , the sites don't have much in common, as you can already notice from the screenshots below.
French version:


US version:


Grégoire has sent pointed me to the site, and has also shared with me some information on the French version, developed by Publicis Net. The website is an online experience that takes the visitor in a journey between 3 different places, 3 drinking moments of a CocaColaBlaK (after lunch, at work, at home). From these places, the visitor can access two experiences, all strongly related to the French tagline “L’esprit vif” (the sharp mind). They give the opportunity to the visitor to take a Coca-Cola BlaK break and accept a mental, uplifting challenge.

Controversial Nike

This controversial outdoor ad featuring England player Wayne Rooney has recently appeared in London. Nike, Just do it :-)



June 19, 2006
Play the advergame with your voice

Laurent sent me an interesting link to, an advergame Cisco System has just launched for the World Cup. Guess what, the purpose of the game is to score some goals .... Hmmm not
quite original I would say. Yes, but it uses a never done before technology that makes you play neither
with your mouse, nor with your keyboard, but with your voice. It is quite strange and funny to interact with your screen via your phone. Then, as your shoot depends on the tone, volume, lenght of your voice, you can either find it ridiculously funny or ridiculously stupid...


There is also a second advergame which particularly fits if you play at work, and your colleagues don't like football, or don't have a great sense of humour. Well, with a little bit of derision, the game is quite funny, as you just show completely mad shouting "booooom" in every way! Some may find the website a little bit cold, but hey we're talking high-tech here! And the site is clean and animations are nice.

"Live with it" webisodes

On iMediaconnection, there is an interesting case study on an online campaign to support awareness of AIDS. "Live with It" is the first and only animated serial drama about living with HIV.


Created by Ignite Health, the site is online since the end of 2005. Through fictional animated characters "speaks not only to gay white males, but to a broad cross section of HIV sufferers and their care givers, carrying an emotional message that speaks directly to their fears, wants and needs". The site offers medical advice and treatment options, but also tries to build an online community to support people in need. A series of profiles have been also created on MySpace, to complete the integrated approach to such a delicate yet important problem.

Adult content pinball advergame

In Australia, Soap Creative has just launched a (rude) pinball advergame for a new film called Beer league. Watch out it's not safe to play at work if you have the loudspeakers turned on...


On his blog, Ashley shares some insights on the game development. Also, I like the fact he posted the sketches of the graphics. I love when agencies open the doors!

June 16, 2006
The Absolut bottle search

Without any doubt the concept of the Virgin "Exercise your muscle" advergame has been an inspiration for many of marketers. Now Absolut vodka is online with a bottle search in New York City.


I like it because it's quite challenging (you only have 2 minutes to spot 82 bottles) but most of all because it's artistic, very much in line with the Absolut brand. It's amazing the attention to the details, and I'm always impressed by the work on branding Absolut is able to do also with online marketing. Definitely a reference point for all of us.


June 15, 2006
The gardener advergame

In the UK, BBC celebrity gardener Chris Beardshaw has launched an advergame to support his "Growing for Life" online initiative, designed to revive interest in the profession in the UK.


The game, which shows how gardening can be fun and accessible, is quite nice and challenging to play. It has been created to appeal to a wide number of users, amateur and professional gardeners, as well as schoolchildren.

Can you beat Buffon?

Another video-advergame (after Beckham and Volkswagen) inspired to the World Cup: shot the penalty and try to beat Italy's goalkeaper Gianluigi Buffon.


The tarantella plays in the background of this online marketing idea for Puma.

The MINI metro station

A very nice outdoor campaign created by Jung von Matt/Limmat (Switzerland) for MINI.

found at Coloribus.

June 13, 2006
The beans' power

An amusing ad for Heinz Baked Beans.


Found at Ads of the World.
If you know the agency who did this, please leave a comment.

Espn, US and football

A nice Tv ad by ESPN featuring Shevchenko to promote the World Cup related TV show.

Probably Europeans, will find it funnier the Americans... ;-)

Online marketing, Poland and the World Cup

From Poland (via Jacek's blog) two online marketing initiatives around the World Cup:

An advergame with football penalties and beautiful women...


And the website of Tyskie beer, with a very basic (but sticky) advergame, and an excellent soundtrack.


Pixel art advergame for Siemens

An interesting pixel art advergame created by OMDdigital Turkey for Siemens (Turkey). According to Musa, who sent me the link, "it's one of the biggest internet activities Siemens (Corporate not the appliances) has ever been involved".


Unfortunately I haven't been able to play it (it requires a registration), but I thought it was nice to share it, considering where it's coming from.

Are you ready to touch?

In Italy, Veet depilatories has launched a campaign on MTV targeting young girls. On there is a contest where users can vote for the funniest video and earn the chance of winning a trip to London to discover the MTV studios.


June 12, 2006
A sock too opaque

Funny campaign for Nur Die, "very very opaque sockings".


Continue reading... "A sock too opaque"

June 06, 2006
Clics d'Or 2006 winners

In France, le Clics d'Or 2006, the awards for the online advertising excellence have been announced last week. The Grand Prix du Jury has been assigned to the Netvibes aggregator. The other prizes have been assigned according to categories defined by marketing goals (to inform, to amuse, to sell etc...). Among the others, Wonderbra with "Experience WonderYou" created by Publicis has been named the best designed website.

June 05, 2006
You don't have to watch

via Coloribus a funny outdoor installation in Wien to promote Momax shower curtains. If you don't feel like watching the ugly man, just pull the curtain...Looks better, doesn't it?


The ad is an idea of Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann (Austria) and it has recently won the Golden Award of Montreux, 2006 (Gold Medal) for Home Furn.

Blogs are not (yet) corporate marketing tools

On eMarketer, an interesting analysis on the role of blogs as marketing tools. According to a survey by Harris Interactive "Fortune 1000 business executives are reacting slowly to the idea of corporate blogs as a communications medium."


Blogs have a long way to go before becoming widely accepted corporate marketing tools. What is even worse is that, at the moment, marketing executives are more concerned about moderating/limiting what is being said on blogs, than taking an active approach and actually listen and learn from the voices around the Web.

June 02, 2006
Dutch Online Film Festival

The Dutch Online Film Festival is a new virtual festival in Holland. People can send in their short movies which will be shown on the website. Visitors will then choose the winners in several categories. Remarkable about the initiative is the promotion. Agency Pool created Pomme and Kelly (Google Idol winners) spin-offs with two upcoming Dutch actresses - Katja and Bracha. And they sure know how to act :)

Quick links for June 2

Sorry, I'm travelling, only quick links for a few days...

Football, Brazil and beautiful women in an advergame for Skol beer (by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi).

From The Netherlands, BMW eDrive. The BMW infotainment, in Dutch.

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