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February 29, 2008
BBC version 2.0

The new BBC website is now online and is worth a visit.
It has been designed like a netvibes or an iGoogle. You can cutomize the homepage: change its colour or the font, choose the topics you are interested into, edit them, and move them around with a click & drag action.


It is interesting to see how this media institution tries to keep itself up to date, and manage to go through the ages.


The homepage is easy to use. But the biggest challenge was probably not to be graphically boring and sad, as that kind of platforms can end up being. And if the layout is inevitably very structured and strict the design is not too bad after all, and you hope the other old school BBC sections will soon be inspired for their design!

February 28, 2008
Interactive baseball the Japanese way

As it usually happens when I post about Japanese websites, I have no idea of the reason why they did it, I guess just for self-promotion, considering that the only brand name on the site is the one of the agency (Bascule, the same that did Axe Busters some time ago).


Is it an advergame? Probably... For sure it's a weird visual experience about baseball, with a good art direction and remarkable usability, a characteristic that makes it quite easy to find the way around and play.


The Gap in the Sound of Color

The Sound of Color is a collaborative project launched by Gap. 5 colors, 5 musicians, 5 directors. Colors for inspiration, music for emotions, and videos to suggest a visual representation of such feelings.

It's a very interesting and inspiring project. However, in my opinion, the website, and by website I mean the way the project is communicated online, lacks of passion and inspiration. It's a one way show, you watch what the artists have produced but you cannot add your piece and your point of you to the representation of colors. I don't want to force UGC in all online projects, but I feel that here Gap missed a valuable opportunity to interact with its target.

The agency behind the idea is Rehab.

Adobe's cards without a soul

Adobe is online with a new, impressive website, launched to promote its Creative Suite 3. Everything starts with a card. Move the scroll bar at the bottom to unveil a world of amazing animations created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Mike Kellog.


You can tell they really wanted to impress designers. Copy is practically non-existent...

Continue reading... "Adobe's cards without a soul"

Axe Pulse Tester

Another great Axe campaign, this time from Mexico. The Pulse Tester is a game in which you should hit the pulse button again and again, while you get distracted by stripping women. Tough decisions that will always end up in an exploding heartbeat just before it gets dirty. Below the accompanying commercial.

February 27, 2008
Split the Risk

A refreshing Dutch online video game to raise awareness among youngsters for the risks they might take. The game checks how in control you are by sending out subliminal messages during intense videos about daily life situations. Remember the words and you can head to the next of five levels.


The game is part of a bigger campaign that includes a TV show on Dutch MTV channel TMF. Responsible agency is NOISE.

KLM: Stop the Hassle

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recently launched a Pan-European campaign called 'Stop The Hassle'. The micro-website, based on a 'user generated content' concept, should raise awareness around and their hassle-free service. You can see the teaser video below. Responsible agency is TribalDDB.

The campaign is not really my cup-of-tea, but I can imagine that some people can't wait to share their hassles. What do you think? Please leave your opinion in the comments.

February 26, 2008
Old School Virals Return

In a return to old school virals ActionAid UK, have launched a viral campaign that allows their supporters to digitally dress up and make their own animation. It is designed to drive sign-ups to the ActionAid WhoPays? campaign, which is looking to put pressure on the government for tighter regulation of how UK supermarkets deal with producers in developing countries.


The viral, featuring comedians Bill Bailey and Katy Brand, encourages people to get involved by uploading a photo of themselves, and dressing up as a banana, cashew nut or pear for a fight (in the style of their choice) with some supermarket trollies!

The activity was conceived by digital creative agency Nonsense

February 25, 2008
Inside North Kingdom

So, i guess this is my first post here, thanks Martina... and hi mom! :)

Not a project actually, but days after the launch of the very impressive Coke Zero Game my good friend Paulo found this really nice video about how's the life inside North Kingdom:

February 24, 2008
Leica's love stories

Scholz & Volkmer has launched an interesting website for Leica, the legendary compact camera brand that is currently trying to reposition itself and earn back the success of the past.


Classical music, romance and a touch of mystery are the ingredients the agency decided to use to present the new Leica set of cameras. Three episodes are visually narrated through the eyes (and the camera) of a boy, a man and a woman. The stories stay the same, what changes is the perspective from which they are told.


To be totally sincere, the site is nothing special nor innovative, but it's aesthetically pleasant. What I like about it is the branding exercise, the use of music and images to picture a brand which is trying to recover the charme of the past. I just wish they avoided that annoying and useless cursor effect...

February 21, 2008
The Coke Zero game

CocaCola raised the bar for campaigns around UEFA's Euro 2008 football championships with The Coke Zero Game in Germany. It's a huge and impressive video advergame full of girls, fire, cars and adrenaline.


Responsible agency North Kingdom, known for many award winning projects, announced the game as one of their biggest projects ever. A special page on the North Kingdome site provides insides, a gametrailer and a countdown to the English version.

But if I were you, I would instantly go for the German version!

February 20, 2008
The history of the heart

The Heart exhibition at the Wellcome Collection explores the medical and cultural significance of the heart. Featuring exhibits from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol, through to live heart surgery.


Interesting to discover such an interactive site to promote an exhibition. Curious to find medical information approached in such a way. It's not really the kind of content I'll be willing to discover (I'm too easily impressionable), but I definitely appreciate the effort of making science and medicine accessible.


The agency behind the site is Unit9.

Axe launches Maneater advergame

Axe is online in The Netherlands with a new advergame: Maneater.


Don't worry if you're a zombie, if your deodorant is Axe Dark Tentation girls will chase you anyway...

February 18, 2008
Indiana Jones LEGO version

I'm back blogging after sometime offline (too much work!!) and I know I have to meet a certain level of expectations given the long absence :-) So here I am, presenting you an advergame I just received from Argentina, from the guys at Three Melons, who worked with LEGO US to produce an exciting piece of work.


The game it's a platform game that features Indiana Jones in LEGO version. At first sight it looks quite simple to play, but if you want to achieve high scores than you really need to practice a lot.


The experience is very well designed and developed, and it results appealing both for LEGO and Indy fans as well as for adults and kids.

Beatboxing with Tele2

Surprisingly fun sampler concept for Tele2 in Sweden. An almost real dog is beatboxing and you can tell him what to do. This results in your own doggy style beatbox. It's in Swedish, but you will get the message. Agency is Forsman & Bodenfors.

Afbeelding 6.png

February 14, 2008
Ikea and Bedrooms

I LOVE this site... it's been done so well I have little to say other than check it out. It's wickedly good. It by Forsman and Bodenfors.


February 12, 2008
The Interactive Fan

The football finals are in full swing in Australia and Sydney FC has come up with a novel way to get fans into the spirit.
Using the 90 minutes, 90 emotions brand campaign idea as inspiration, they used actors to bring to life the various emotions fans go through when watching football in popular Sydney and Brisbane public spaces.
He even ran into the Free Hugs guy...

February 07, 2008
Adidas: Adi Dassler

Adidas was founded in 1949 and named after its founder, Adi Dassler. Ever since the brand has been connected to global sports and lifestyle. Adidas is now the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. 180 Amsterdam just released an animated video that tells the pretty amazing story of the German shoe manufacturer Adi Dassler.

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