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May 28, 2008
Kobe jumps

Following a tradition of "sure it's a fake but wft" videos (i remember, right now, Ronaldinho's and Lebron James') presenting sports megastars now it's the turn of (for me) the best basketball player over the court right now: Kobe Bryant.

May 28, 2008
How Nerdy Are you?

In Belgium, a weird website has recently appeared. How Nerdy Are You? is a project launched to state your level of "nerdiness" (my God what an awful word!).


The site features a series of quick and amusing elements: a test, a nerd "generator" and a nerd "kit" to be downloaded and used in the offline world.

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Guerrilla marketing should be both smart and surprising. I think scored a good point with an unexpected musical performance at London Stansted Airport. A good idea to catch the attention of bored passengers in the waiting room and a good idea to generate some buzz around Youtube users.

via Brainstorm #9

Introducing Fulvio Varnacano

I apologise if my latest work I'm posting about is for Italians only... One of the funniest shooting I've ever done, a video for Nike Live starring Fabio Cannavaro (yes, that's him!).

A bit of background to let you understand the story: when Cannavaro was a kid, he used to be a ball-boy of Napoli when Maradona was playing there. Cannavaro grew up and became the great footballer we all know, while a friend of him decided to pursue a career as ball boy, becoming the best ball boy of the world. The short documentary above tells his story. If you like him, you can become a friend of Fulvio Varnacano on Facebook.

The creative idea is by Carlo Cavallone and Alvaro Sotomayor from W+K Amsterdam, who also directed the video and unveiled Fabio's acting talent.

The Gruen Transfer

Over the last few weeks Three Drunk Monkeys, Sydney has aired the first 'advertising campaign' on the Australian ABC. The campaign is part of the promotional drive for The Gruen Transfer. The show takes viewers inside the world of the advertising industry and stars many notable industry personalities in a panel format.

The campaign features 9 x 30 second hoax ads promoting fake brands Gruen Beer, Gruen Bank and Gruen Beauty.

The Gruen Transfer website allows viewers and the general public to create their very own Beer, Bank and Beauty commercials.

Teaser Ad

"Making of" Ad

May 27, 2008
Levi's Mix it Up

I'm (positively) impressed by the number of interactive project Levi's is launching to push its Spring Summer Collection. After Copper Waste and Cut to Reveal You it's time for Mix It Up coming once again from Asia/Pacific.


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Tree People

Now it's been a mad year for everyone rushing to get on the "green" wagon, but this site does it really well.

It's a website created by Genesis Energy for New Zealanders who want to help the environment. It's different because it reveals how small lifestyle changes can have an impact on the real world.

You start by adopting a tree. When you make small changes to your lifestyle your tree grows. When you encourage others and they make changes your tree grows even more.


You can choose your type of tree. Your tree is part of a virtual forest and a nationwide community. You can see what Pledges your friends are doing, join a group, give gifts to trees owned by other people, and win prizes.


May 26, 2008
Future Tennis according to Lacoste

It's quite an unexpected move for a traditional and conservative brand like Lacoste to celebrate its 75th anniversary by launching a website that is all about the future.


There is also a movie that imagines how tennis might be played in 75 years from now.


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May 22, 2008

Australia plays Ghana in a friendly exhibition match this weekend in Sydney. Unfortunately there aren't too many Ghana folk in Sydney so they have come up with a odd way to search for the missing H.

May 19, 2008
Beck's goes blogging

Inbev's global beer brand Beck's is about to start a blog on their international homepage. They don't have a blogger yet, so they are now looking for "the ultimate, offbeat columnist with an uncompromising point of view who can connect and interact with consumers in the digital world" . Interesting point is that they are not looking for a corporate blogger, but a person that will give a personal view on news, people and ideas that match the brands philosophy 'Different by Choice'. The full job offer can be found on

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May 18, 2008
Siemens interactive showroom

From Sweden, a good example of how a kitchen appliance online showroom can become cool. The brand is Siemens, the agency is Ymer, the result is quite impressive.



Prepare for Indy!

In Northern Europe a mini-site has been launched to promote the release on DVD of the Indiana Jones series.


The advergame is not as cool as the Indy Lego version launched last February, but if you're a nostalgic of the Lucas Arts version on the Nineties, you should have a look :-)

Stop The Aussie Invasion!

The advergame is extremely basic, but the idea behind is somehow amusing. Stop The Aussie Invasion challenges Kiwis to stop the invasion of Australian-owned banks that are getting more and more important in the country.


Your mission is to hit the bankers with pavlova cakes... and if you need a bank in New Zealand, Kiwibank is the answer for you. The agency behind is Total Direct.

JetBlue wishes you Happy Jetting

In the US, JetBlue has launch an amusing nonsense website to explain which is the difference between flying and jetting. Their idea is to bring humanity back to air travel and they do it in a nice way, with the help of JWT New York.


There are several weird, and sometimes silly, things to do on the site, that all together create an experience both funny and witty. The design is simple and functional, and all different content pieces in the end work together quite consistently.


Continue reading... "JetBlue wishes you Happy Jetting"

New Level Vodka

Level Vodka has a new, beautiful website. It's an aesthetic experience in which images and typefaces are wisely mixed.


Even if I have the feeling that on the site there isn't anything new from a content perspective (you find what you usually get on a Vodka site), I appreciate the attention to details in the design, that is what you have to do when you visually represent a premium brand.


The agency behind this project is Great Works

May 17, 2008
Lipton, Green but not that Clear

It takes some patience and quite some imagination to understand the metaphors in the Lipton Clear Green site recently launched in The Netherlands.


The site is very nicely done, but it's not so intuitive (at least for me :) to get the connection between the chaotic daily life and the Lipton refreshment. I give you a hint... it's all about pullng the bottle on the left side of the screen...


May 16, 2008
Louis Vuitton Journeys

Even if the Louis Vuitton campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz, has been around for almost a year now, it's interesting to look at Web side of it. Via The FWA, I've just discovered the site the luxury brand has dedicated to the "journeys" featured in its print shots.


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May 15, 2008
Bob Ross is back

In the Netherlands, the Nobel Foundation matches young creatives with charities and other non-profits. To reach those creatives, painting guru Bob Ross is brought back to live. He's making a special painting with an important message.

Video is created by digital agency Pool (yes, that's where I work :) and produced by Comrad.

May 13, 2008
The Nike Live Show

As part of the Take It To The Next Level campaign we are producing a series of Tv shows dedicated to some of our top football players. Here in Italy I'm working on the "Fabio Cannavaro Show" that will be broadcasted live on Sky Sport 1 and on the dedicated show website.


It's a challenging and exciting project, in which the Internet will play a key role. Not only we are collecting ideas and suggestions for the show from the web users, but they will also be involved live affecting the show flow. You can have a look at the promo on the site (but it works only for Italian phone numbers).

Now you can understand the reason of the slow blogging period :-)

Philips: The life of James

Quite remarkable commercial from Philips, in which a man tells about his life as transvestite. "The toughest part about looking like a women is all the hair", so says James, blessed with a nice pair of legs. "Being a man, I can't take pain". Of course, the Philips Satinelle Ice Epilator is there to help out. Find out more about the life of James (aka Karis) at the Philips site.

May 06, 2008
The AXE Cottage

AXE Canada just released a new commercial to promote the exclusive 'AXE Cottage'. As we can see on the website, this cottage is full of women, but there's a lack of men. And that's where the AXE buyer comes in. He can win a trip to the cottage, together with his buddies, and help all these lovely ladies out. Nice!

May 04, 2008
Heineken, the barrel and the comic strip

In Spain Heineken has launched a new campaign to promote its 5 liters beer barrel mixing music and comics. The TV spot very nice as it proposes different camera angles and text baloons like a comic book while playing a song by Adele. The agency is Remo.

Continue reading... "Heineken, the barrel and the comic strip"

May 03, 2008
The Mentos KissCam

Mentos has launched the KissCam. Web interactivity reaches new levels... Use your webcam to kiss the girl (or the man) in the video.


I can't decide whether it's a great viral or just a very silly idea by Perfect Fools and BBH London. What do you think? Maybe it's both...

May 02, 2008
Audi: Performance from every part

BBH and GT have recently released a mini-site for the new Audi RS 6. Even if you're not much into cars (like me), you'll better have a look, as the video experience is quite powerful.


I especially enjoyed the sound design and the interface, even I think it might result a bit confusing for the target audience of the car, who I believe might be not so Internet savy. But maybe it doesn't matter, the experience is impressive so casual clicks around will work as well.


May 01, 2008
The Absolut Line to the Top

In Australia, Tequila has just launched a new initiative as part of the Absolut World global action. It's the Absolut Line to the Top, a "secret view" on the office of Kevin Rudd, Australia's Prime Minister. Four CCTV cameras follow him while he takes care of his daily duties, which include (but are not limited to) the regular update of the Facebook status. You can also interact with him, ordering Chinese food for him or making prank calls...


Not sure if I like this idea, mainly because I don't feel it's in line with the Absolut brand. It's too artificial and it doesn't have the touch of class and beauty that Absolut usually has.

Continue reading... "The Absolut Line to the Top"

An ad or a video clip? Whatever it is it's cool

A video clip that's an ad... Sydney agency colman rasic carrasco has just launched a music video for top UK band Radiohead. The single 'All I need', from Radiohead's critically acclaimed latest album 'In Rainbows', became a perfect fit for the idea behind the human trafficking message. The video clip was created to raise awareness of exploitation and human trafficking in developing countries.

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