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January 29, 2010
Embrace Life

Absolutely moving, huge concept and simple yet brilliant making, this online ad to enforce the use of seat belt while driving is one of the most wonderful things i've seen in the latest times, brought in by Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. The happy consequences of using it, instead of the usual rawness showing what happens if you don't, made my day.

Aditionally, and not as a part of the campaign but because some users created it, a Facebook group gathers people for the cause, Embrace life, trying to get the most people involved trying to get the video on tv.

January 29, 2010
Paper, rock and scissors

Swedish magazine T-Post, distributed as a T-shirt (yes, check it out), has released an issue where the t-shirt itself becomes a "paper rock scissors" game to play against. A bit creepy, but also interesting as it keeps on unveiling new ways of interacting with physical products, as in the Adidas' sneakers augmented reality thing.

(via Tribal DDB Spain)

Andes Teletransporter

This is an hilarious and brilliant way to promote your beer in Argentina, by Del Campo, Nazca Saatchi and Saatchi for Andes. Any description i provide wouldn't be worthy of the campaign itself, so check this video out to see what is it about:

CCTV Ink animation

I can't help but loving this great ink animation done for CCTV (a chinese tv channel) by Troublemakers. Superb motion and art direction :)

(via Lunave Digital)

January 24, 2010
High end fashion loves (short) movies

It has become kind of trendy for the fashion industry to work with famous directors and movie makers to present the new collections. Prada and YSL are just the latest high end fashion brands that decided to go this way. It's a strategy I don't fully get as I miss a more integrated communication approach but I presume the "short movie" solution is paying back in terms of PR and possibly does a good job in filling the TV sets within the showrooms with content that goes beyond the usual catwalk.

Prada has worked with Chinese filmaker Yang Fudong to represent the new direction in its visual communication through a black & white journey in Shanghai during the 30s & 40s.

Continue reading... "High end fashion loves (short) movies"

Text for Haiti

Very simple yet very strong ad to support donations via SMS for Haiti. The agency is N=5 Amsterdam.

January 23, 2010
The games we play

The Games We Play is a series of videos recently launched by Puma. It's an impressive job that combines playful live-action with a fully illustrated set. Puma's commitment in running, fitness, motorsports and golf is explored and visualized with a touch of colors and sense of humor.

I really look forward to see if there is going to be more around this campaign. Both the idea and the execution are so cool that I wonder how they are going to fully exploit such a creative boost.

Continue reading... "The games we play"

January 22, 2010
Do you know the Quack?

Firstborn has recently launched a simple yet effective digital experience to explain common misconception about well-being and insurances in the US. It's nothing more, nothing less than a promo for an insurance company called Aflac, so it's good to see it's not the usual boring corporate website you would expect for such a client.


What I really like is the communication approach that starts with the "attract and engage" phase. If this first part proves effective, consumers will be more likely to stay on the website, listen to the additional facts or promotional info the brand wants to get through and possibly convert their attention into a quote request. It's as simple as that... but how often do we remember to follow this path when we plan a digital experience?


January 20, 2010
Fashion for dogs and ecommerce dogs (owners)

From Japan another great example of digital communication and a clear demonstration that the online media and online commerce are (more than) ready to support any brand or product (if the communication is done in the right way). Today we talk about dogs, fashion and ecommerce. The brand is called Free Stitch and produces clothing for small dogs. I personally hate the idea of putting a ridiculous cloth on my dog but I appreciate small dogs might suffer cold... and this website would definitely push me to buy something fashionable.


The experience is brilliant, with a gallery of "models" wearing the different items and the absolutely fantastic possibility to browse the collection by clothing or by "dog".

Continue reading... "Fashion for dogs and ecommerce dogs (owners)"

Agains AIDS, condom

"AIDES graffiti": great animation work against AIDS, promoting the use of condom. Maybe NSFW, but really cool, from TBWA Paris:

(via Creativity)

Be Stupid

Looks like Diesel is back to the great stupid campaigns of its glorious past. Be Stupid is a smart concept that offers a wide range of possibilities to be further explored and exploded with wit and irony. The idea is simple: smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls... the balls to create new stuff, the balls to do crazy things, the balls to surprise.

If you think you are doing something stupid enough you can send your stupid video to Diesel and win the possibility to be featured in the video catalogue/music clip they will produce over the next few months.

Continue reading... "Be Stupid"

Techno football

Great job by my friends Enrico and Colin in the latest Nikefootball video featuring Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres.

Make sure to watch full screen to fully enjoy it!

Panasonic 8x Life


How hard is to engage people to create what is called "user generated content". So many try, only a few accomplish, as in this simple yet brilliant campaign coming from AKQA London for the launch of the new Panasonic Lumix ZX1 camera, featuring an 8x optical zoom.

With some sculptures distributed all along several places, a british object each of them but eight times larger than its original size, the whole press coverage drove people to a Facebook fan page, Panasonic 8xLife, where users could submit their own creations, related to perspective (as playing with the powerful zoom feature and in order to win a trip yo the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games), to be stored at some galleries that are pure joy and fun to watch.

(via One Show Interactive)

January 17, 2010
Osocio Awards

I've been very proud to be part of the jury to select the Osocio 2009 Awards. Marc and his team do a fantastic job in showcasing and promoting creativity for social campaigns. The Osocio's Best Campaign 2009 and Osocio's Special Award 2009 have been announced a few days ago.

I personally loved the interactive video project Choose A Different Ending as part of the campaing Drop the Weapons launched by the London Police and created by AMV BBDO. Enjoy it by playing the video below.

January 14, 2010
Nike True City


Nike True City is a really cool iPhone app where you can find some info about different european cities, provided by some "Nike experts", but leaving it open for you to update the content with your own suggestions of what a "true city" should be.

Aditionally the app reveals where new Nike events are taking place, where there are secret QR-codes in each city (i love they include even a QR-Code reader inside the application) or even new Nike products to be launched, creating a really interesting community where you can be rewarded on your own or by sharing to the rest of users. Here's a little trailer to the app:

Buy Cannes Lions Grand Prix


What an original one to look for a new job: Evegeniy Danilov, a russian copywriter is auctioning a Cannes Lion Grand Prix, to be paid in several monthly payments (his new salary)

The whole story here.

(via adland)

Hellicopter boyz

The Nikon Coolpix is a new digital camera that not only takes photos or video, but also can project images over a surface, a really geeky and cool feature presented in this cool (and geek as well) video from GT Tokyo, really "Otaku-targeted".

January 13, 2010
Coke "Happiness Machine"

Good way to create some interest in a vending machine. Found it some kind of funny :)

RayBan again

For two years now, RayBan is looking for viral success with it's Never Hide Films. All of them weird, funny, bizar and/or shocking, and all low branded with just an integrated Never Hide note. Huge viral succes came for films like Guy catches sunglasses with his face, Cow gives birth to a dude and Super Chameleon. It didn't came for films like Human Zoo and The Kiss. But overall you can easily say RayBan is very successfull reaching a broad, worldwide online crowd spreading the Never Hide message.

Yesterday, film number 20 was released. This time it's a guy getting a RayBan tattoo.

January 12, 2010
Lego Click and the Big Ideas

Lego just released this very nice short film, directed by brilliant Leigh Marling / Blue Source, called Cl!ck :

The movie celebrates the Eureka moment, the generation of great ideas, what Lego calls a Click moment, and invites you to visit the hub of the program,, a virtual canvas of ideas, inspired moments, quirky stories, solutions and tips, working as a collaborative plateform to inspire people.

Lego click.jpg
Continue reading... "Lego Click and the Big Ideas"

January 11, 2010
All the Uniqlo projects


A fantastic resource, a compilation of all the Uniqlo digital projects from 2007.

(via @FWA)

Jordan, Mars is back!

To celebrate the relaunch of an iconic hybrid shoe like the Air Jordan Spiz'ike, Brand Jordan has launched an amusing minisite that connects a great campaign from the past to the new shoe hitting the shelves.


As points out the series of ads featuring Mars Blackmon and Michael Jordan 22 years ago changed the business of marketing the sneakers. Today the sense of vintage makes the story even more fascinating with a touch of 2.0.

Continue reading... "Jordan, Mars is back!"

January 10, 2010
Running fashion by Nike

Who said runners can't be stylish? Nike Japan definitely thinks a running outfit can be styled. Check out iNDiRUN website to be inspired not only from a nice running collection but also by a very interesting interface.


The website is simple, it's clean, and it works well in showcasing the endorsement by the four celebrities featured in the photos. What would you ask more? An ecommerce module is definitely missing...


January 09, 2010
Levi's DIY closet

To win the attention of the editor in chief of fashion magazines is getting more and more difficult, especially if you are not an high end fashion brand like Gucci or Dior. This said, I really like Levi's PR execution in Belgium: to promote their collection to the top local fashion editors they sent out a very original lookbook. The idea is a pop-up closet that builds up and contains some collection's items.

Smart and surprising. This is also a good piece of "interactive marketing" without the use of technology. Anna Wintour probably would not be impressed by such a PR tool, but younger editors will surely enjoy it.

via Adsoftheworld

January 07, 2010
Audi's suicide commercial

Exactly four years after the controversial but very viral VW suicide bomber, Audi walks the same tricky road. A funny but disturbing commercial shows a man trying to kill himself in an Audi A5 TDi. Audi will probably deny being responsible, but that will make the video go even more viral. See for your self:

update: Audi claims a violation of it's trademark and urged YouTube to remove all copies. Here's Adland's version:

update 2: Adland has nothing to do with the production of this ad. They are simply hosting the video.

January 06, 2010
French art of loving

I don't know if that's the best possible ending for such expectation as it was created during 10 days, but it looks interesting to me the way that Aubade used to create some buzz for the launch of their new site, using a girl wearing one of the corsets that they produce:

(thx Mattt!)

Take it to the next level at Firstborn

I love Firstborn's work since the days of the first Yigal-Azrouel site. Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me this fantastic spoof of the Nike ad, where they're looking for interns:

(thx David Vale!)

I love G3

From China a nice cartoon based website to promote a range of mobile phones.


In the super crowded world on communication around mobile devices, it's Interesting to see the approach this approach that mixes illustrations and a nice soundtrack simply to present a simple catalogue of mobile phones.


Your line of fans


This one is a one from us that we did last autumn for Rexona Teens, a deodorant for teenagers that, being always the same product, changes its tagline every year, "Dance and teens", "Love and teens" or, in this case "Fans and teens".

To support this last one we created a little promo using a Facebook app called "Your line of fans", that allows you to show if you're a better fan than others, and you're required to create the longest line to support your favorite artist, inviting your friends to be formed in your line (and then the friends of your friends), so you could use the line to try it to be the longest and also to meet new friends that share with you the same interest in that artist.

In the end, the longest line (whoever the artist is) could get some tickets to attend some shows from that artist (looks like Jonas Brothers rule for teens) Here's a little video explaining the project:

Give it a ponder

More or less one month ago, LG has launched a website to teach consumers the importance of pondering before texting. Bullying and harassment on the mobile are problems communities can no longer afford to ignore, therefore I really like the brand committement in doing something socially relevant and useful. It's kind of rare and therefore even more appreciated.


But I also like it because they used the website as a gateway to content on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia. It's a smart way of spending less in building the site, but it is also a smart way to connect directly to the environments where consumers are more used to spend their time and interact with.


Continue reading... "Give it a ponder"

Tony Hawk and the skateboard controller

The new Tony Hawk videogame, "Tony Hawk Ride", comes with a new controller that allows even your dog skateboarding now:

A great piece of work by Droga5, and a standing ovation to Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog (famous because of this)


January 05, 2010
Mistery of the tree


13 Rue del Percebe (13, Barnacle Street) (an example here) has been one of the most traditional examples of surreal humor in Spain for ages. Following that kind of humor, Orange Spain released an interesting project (done by Binaria) last Christmas called "El misterio del arbol" ("Mistery of the tree"), a series of animated episodes where some characters living in the same neighborhood have to find out who has stolen the Christmas tree.

Continue reading... "Mistery of the tree"

The Playboy Interview: Marshall McLuhan


This morning i came upon (via @pedroramirez, digital director at Grey Mexico) a fantastic link, an old Marshall McLuhan's interview published at Playboy Magazine in 1969. With assertions such as "Effective study of the media deals not only with the content of the media but with the media themselves and the total cultural environment within which the media function", the text is as interesting and (surprisingly) contemporary as it gets in many aspects of our current environment.

Night lights

As in the fantastic Big Shadow project, another good example that "interactive" doesn't mean "in front of the computer": Night lights, by YesYesNo

Looks like lots of fun and engage, more info and full credits and explanations here :)

(via @JoshuaDavis)

January 04, 2010
The world of Chiquita

Everybody needs a website. Even a banana. Chiquita has recently launched an heavy Flash website to promote its bananas. To be honest the website has nice visuals but it's pretty dull in contents. A banana is a funny product, there are so many things to invent with it (don't get me wrong!! :-) that I would have expected Chiquita to crazy and use more irony.


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