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February 28, 2010

After the progressive Honda Shine ad on Vimeo, I expected to see similar ads pop-up really quick. But either it didn't, or they just didn't reach me, because it's almost a year later when I found this great Frito Lay Dips ad (via @truifella). If you have any other great examples, please share them in the comments below.


February 25, 2010
McDonalds goes Dutch

This new McDonalds commercial from the US stereotypes people from the Netherlands, and their supposed paying etiquette, in order to promote their new Double Dutch burger. Even though (for me as a Dutch citizen) it's quite an unusual and provoking approach, I still had a laugh.

February 24, 2010
Neurosonics kinda cool

Sweet via creativereview Director Chris Cairns has teamed up with Beardyman and holographic projection experts Musion to create a live performance based on his Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs film, which features a number of disembodied rapping heads...

Neurosonics Live from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

February 22, 2010
Nolan's cheddar

Is seriously strong... that was fun

February 17, 2010
UGC based campaigns are still hot

Aren't we tired of campaigns based on UGC? I would say YES, but probably consumers have a different opinion, especially if you offer them to appear on TV as a reward for the (silly) things you ask them to do. In Australia, for example, GPY&R; Melbourne challenged its audience to eat a Picnic in the space of a :30 commercial break. People filmed themselves and uploaded the videos on


The best videos have become part of the Picnic TV campaign, and have gone on air. According to Picnic PR people, over 200 different videos have been broadcasted on TV. The lesson for me here is pretty simple. You don't have to be innovative to be successfully creative. You just need to give people what they want. And, for the time being, it looks like visibility is still on consumers' wishlist...

February 14, 2010
Now dogs can tweet

My next dog will have a Twitter account. So silly but so cool this iPhone application which is about to be released in Japan: it translates your dog's barks into "human" language, and it automatically tweets them to the world.


Social networking for dog (owners). I'm curious to see which topics will generate buzz in the dogosphere... I know how crazy you can get if you have a dog. And you are a geek :-)

via Tokyo Mango.

Star Wars of recycling

From Switzerland, an interesting TV spot that takes a different approach to explain the importance of recycling.

February 12, 2010
Belgium agencies and the virtual strike


Due to the way that clients conduct pitches in Belgium, some of the top agencies out there (enlisted at ACC) decided to close their websites, in some sort of virtual strike; you can start reading about the reasons by clicking here. Whether if you consider that the reasons are right or not, i love the fact of the oneness coming from this action, hope it is for good, good luck!

February 09, 2010
Google Street View on the slopes of the Olympics

Google Street View is now on the sky slopes of Vancouver. You can see the venues of the upcoming Olympics and experience the slopes from the snowmobile Street View. So cool!

Interactive basketball on Youtube

It's a weird day today posting about campaigns from our competitors... Anyway, after Puma, check out what Adidas has done in basketball. An interactive video taking great advantage of Youtube's feature.


You can play with Dwight Howard slam dunks, make him fly higher or run faster or slower and therefore missing or completing the dunk. Quite nice also the possibility of changing the camera angle.

Continue reading... "Interactive basketball on Youtube"

Football on Valetine's Day?

And if you want to go even more trash for Valetine's Day, try this website by Puma. What do you do when Valentine's Day falls on game day?


The English version is nice. The Italian one... not sure I want to receive a video that from my boyfriend... looks a bit too menacing...


A touch of romance

If you don't take Valentine's day too seriously, you might have fun with Romance Novel Yourself. Silly but quite viral online application that let you or your partner star on the cover of a romance novel.


February 08, 2010
Creative QR codes

I'm not a big fan of QR codes, but this idea is worth being shared because it's smart and buzzworthy, at least among us, creative geeks :-) See Frisk mints in action...


Agencies and the art of storytelling

Posting cool stuff on Adverblog is getting more and more difficult. I mean, I think the time of cool microsites is almost over. I was discussing the topic with some friends in Amsterdam the other day. To be successful and to be meaningful, you need to do more than a website. You need to connect it with the offline world, and surely you need to create a story worth being noticed and shared through social media. Paid media is no longer enough to drive traffic. And, in the same way a good/creative website doesn't make a campaign successful if you don't build an integrated action around it. So, getting back to the point, to become a cool campaign we can write about, you need to tell us a story that goes beyond sharing a link.

Continue reading... "Agencies and the art of storytelling"

February 04, 2010
Wrangler Blue Bell, a delicious experience

Last weekend i received a link to this video, where somebody from supertalented KokoKaka showed how their new website for Wrangler was supposed to work, this was a hell of a teaser:

Then, the site came alive on Tuesday, and i must say that is one of the most delightful experiences i've seen lately. A simple idea with a beautiful execution, "delightful" is the word for me, as dressing/undressing the guy to the rhythm of the music is absolutely memorable.


Probably Martina has something to say related to the shopping experience (there is not) and there's no much more than that, but having the whole video or the song for download makes me say "yay!", it closes the whole experience and makes this jeans collection a one to remember for this year.

February 02, 2010
Ad Land

To launch the new identity of the Creative Circle awards in the UK, Mark Denton and the team at Coy! have produced this fantastic animated film referencing dozens of great ads from the last god knows how many years. Try and spot all of them, best score so far is 78...

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