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December 26, 2010
Spanair and the unexpected luggage

Nice action from Shackleton for Spanair (an spanish airline) and their passengers flying on Christmas Eve (video has no subtitles but i think it's self-explanatory enough):

December 24, 2010
Student goes hard

Here ya go ... a student on a rant - love it - A Student movie.

Mobile for humans

A couple of mobile campaigns i've loved recently. First one is "Ringtowns", from Ogilvy Guatemala and their client Claro, using ringtones as a device of spreading the service itself, naming them after all the cities in the country (click the image to see the video explaining the case):


The other one is "Os Ringtonicos" ("The Ringtonics"), from Almap BBDO for an NGO called "Casa do Zezinho", whose kids recorded ringtones using their voices to raise money for buying musical instruments:

Like them because they're so human, using mobility as a tool instead of just as a channel.

December 22, 2010
Selector 3000

I love agency attempts to create their own digital Christmas experience, and this is a good idea via DTDigital Melbourne. I love this idea.
See if you can make it happen... unfortunately I always got to 4 then got a 'fail' message. *****UPDATE****** this campaign is now over. Humphhhh!!

Picture 4.png

Picture 6.png

December 20, 2010
Beautiful experiments about Internet gifts and stolen pixels

I love these little projects without brand, experiments with an interesting point of view about how users or media behaves, often understanding that better than most of the brands out there.


First of them is Gift a follower, a nice way to reward (in the form of a surprise bag) one of your many followers-friends in social media space at a $1 rate.


100.000.000 stolen pixels is an interesting experiment from Kim Asendorf, stealing pixels from another sites in order to create an archive-directory of them. Would be nice applied to other elements of digital media space, like stealing pixels from horrible banners to make them "in jail", or things like that :)

IAB - Privacy Matters


Understanding how online advertising works or how is our online privacy protected are some of the topics dissected in this SaulBass-style site called Privacy Matters, launched by IAB.

(via Fernando Comet)

Hotmail Spain: to change so you could like them more


This one is a clever one, from DoubleYou for Microsoft in Spain. To talk about the new developments and capabilities of Hotmail service, and based on the claim "we've changed so you'd like us more", a 30-day real-time campaign was created, with a boy trying to change (asking users for help and collaboration) so he could get her girlfriend back in love with him again:

The product is then shown, as a medium for the boy to achieve something and not as the main thing of the campaign, i love this. There was some discussion about if the story was true or faked, and although i think it's true, does it really matter? the content and the organic nature of the whole thing makes it entertaining enough as to be one of the cutest thing i've seen coming from Spain lately.

Have a Camper Day


A different (available) shoe everyday, no matter what the weather is, is the concept for this lovely iPad weather application done by HerraizSoto&Co; for Camper, called "Have a Camper Day", where meteorological elements have been made from pret-a-porter materials, and then turnedinto musical instruments that react to touch.

December 16, 2010
The digital story of nativity

This is amusing...

Aussie Agency Xmas Messages (so far)

We've seen the W+K ones from London and Amsterdam... here are a few from Australia. The first is from Host Sydney and is based around a Christmas tree that you post tweets on as decorations. The second is from The Jamboree and is a bit out there as it's all about Christmas 'Carols'. The third is from Euro Sydney that is based on the Angry Birds app, but using staff faces as the birds. Check 'em out.

Hosts Christmas Message is kinda cool - bit like W+K London's one

Picture 4.png

From The Jamboree - only about 8 Carols (bugger)

Picture 3.png

Euro's Angry Birds effort - cool

Picture 5.png

December 15, 2010
Filmography 2010

Now this is what I call a recap. Absolutely fantastic, for movie lovers, video recap freaks or for those who simply love beautiful things. Great work by Genrocks. Definitely a "viral" to boost his popularity as video maker :-)

For the full list of movies go here. 270 movies are quoted. How many have you watched?

found via Kottke.

December 14, 2010
Tweets of snow


Looks like this the day of reporting W+K offices Christmas things. After Amsterdam, now it's London turn with their Tweets of Snow. Tweet something with the word "snow" in it and your message will be transformed into a snowflake for the model of the street where the agency is located.

(via Javier Malagon)

Virtual Holiday Dinner

Hurry up and book your table now at Virtual Holiday Dinner, a lovely Christmas gift from W+K Amsterdam:

(via Joakim Borgstrom)

December 13, 2010
Are we tired of interactive storytelling with FB Connect?

I loved The Hero, I very much enjoyed Lost in Val Sinestra. And I was now very curious to check out Schweppesonality. Unfortunately a part from the audio message at the beginning (with my name pronounced correctly), the experience is not as cool as I expected.


Interactive videos are a big challenge and to be honest I'd like to see more of them. I mean, as a consumer and a Facebook user I find them quite engaging and funny even if they aren't new to me. The point is that the plot makes the difference, especially if the budget you can invest in production is not as big as for the two campaigns I mentioned before. Maybe this is the lesson to share (and it is also not a new learning...): if you cannot bigger, then you need to go wilder. If you come second (or even worse, later), daring is the only way to success.

Teach tech to your parents


Brought by Google, Teach Parents Tech is a nice way to deliver tech support or advice to your parents.

(thx Luis!)

mcm Web Fight

Lagardere French Tv channel mcm has a funny way to announce they will now broadcast some wrestling content (ROH), by giving you the opportunity to transform any/your site in a wrestling ring.
Check out how Adverblog has been "visited" by some friendly and sexy wrestlers... here.


Credits for this campaign go to BETC Digital.

Lady Dior - Lady Grey London

I was eager to see what Dior would come up with after i saw this teaser a few days ago. The outcome is this gorgeous 6 minutes extravaganza, featuring Marion Cotillard and Ian McKellen:

You'll find further information (including a making-of) at Lady Dior website.

Paradores Ice Xmas

I like this action from JWT/Delvico Madrid for Paradores (a tourism partnership in Spain) because is so simple and because you wouldn't expect that client doing this kind of stuff. If you feel like going on vacation, give it a try at Ice Xmas. Post your bet about when you think this giant ice cube will melt and win the key (that opens unique rooms to spend Christmas time) trapped inside of it:

December 12, 2010
Most Contagious 2010

The annual best in show edited by Contagious Magazine has been released a few days ago. Once again, a great report to download for past and future reference. A part from the ugly combination of ugly dog + vuvuzelas on the cover, the rest is almost perfect...

Most Contagious 2010
View more presentations from Contagious.

December 10, 2010
Safe sex in 8bit

The Leicestershire Teenage Pregnancy Partnership has launched a Mario Bros style video campaign to raise awareness of safe sex among teenagers. The idea is nice and certainly catchy for people of my age but, as Tom on Osocio points out, it might not really talk to the target it was thought to connect.

Anyway, nevermind, I think the real issue with in the video is the fact that neither pregnacy nor AIDS are explicitly mentioned and that's the real pity. I believe educational campaigns should definitely look for catchy creative ideas, but they should not forget to be also quite didascalic in the message in sending their message out.

December 09, 2010
Google Zeitgeist


Based on the aggregation of search queries people typed into Google this year, Zeitgeist is a cool way of visualizing the main events that happened in this 2010.

Orange Feed and the Secret Portrait


Lately i've become sort of an addict to The Feed, a place where Orange UK launches a weekly entertaining topic, game or competition related to the internet. This week the space turned into "The secret portrait", where some illustration students from UCA take an arty look at your tweets and turn your Twitter personality into a portrait. The gallery of works, i must say, is pretty amazing :)

Oliver Jeffers 'Heart and the Bottle'

When it comes to book for children, this is jaw-dropping:

(thx Pit!)

Streetview Sudan

Intriguing campaign from The Netherlands. While you probably got triggered by the title, and want to see what it looks like, you didn't realize that Streetview Sudan is far from fun.

Screen shot 2010-12-09 at 3.39.05 PM.png

After the click you can see the translated text.

Continue reading... "Streetview Sudan"

December 07, 2010
Moleskine in stop motion

This promo video for Moleskine mini planners is even cooler than the product itself. Which is kind of impossible :-)

Lovely work by Rogier Wieland spotted via Fubiz.

Yahoo! the city is your playground

This is interesting. A digital brand like Yahoo! goes offline and uses outdoor advertising (yes, interactive billboards) to explain the features of the mobile apps for Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Sportacular and Flickr. Created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners the campaign is currently running in San Francisco.

The city becomes your playground (and this is not new), players earn points for their neighborhood and at the end the winning "team" will get a block party with a performance by the band OK Go.

For once, am I allowed to say I don't like this initiative? It looks too complicated and artificial. And the recap video they put together doesn't give me the feeling of spontaneous engaged interactions. What do you think?

Power Pinata

Vodafone Australia have launched a new campaign called Power Pinata. Users 'like' their facebook page and the join a queue to select a 'whack' method from an automated robot holding a baseball bat. When it's your turn you watch live as the robot gives the pinata a smash. Once it's smashed open a flood of prizes will spill out... Loved the idea but the user experience is a bit low. I expected my robot 'smash' to be hard - instead it was a mere tap (if that). Shame as I was expecting a real smash :) Check it out here.

Picture 21.png

December 06, 2010
Handmade beer, handmade ads

In Canada artisanal brewery La Korrigane with the help of Cossette came up with a great idea which mixed advertising & event but most of all created an experience that very likely generated loyal influencers who will bring more clients to the store...

Let's see what happened: La Korrigane, as said, is an artisanal brewery, so they decided to tell the story of handmade beer creating handmade ads. 100 artists, graphic designers and illustrators have been invited to spend an evening at La Korrigane, enjoy a few beers, and sketch by hand 100 ads on the white paper of Voir, the newspaper partner in crime of the initiative. The day after, the 100 copies of the newspaper were distributed in the newsstand outside of the brewery.

Looking at the videos it was a very successful night: a simple idea that I love even more because it was so consistent with the brand/product/service/experience that it aimed to promote.

via Marketing Alternatif

5 Gum online hunt

Personally I am a bit over online treasure hunts. Now this site just launched for Wrigley's Limited Edition 5 Gum Tin. It's eerily close to the M&M;'s Canada: Find Red campaign. You decide. Both are fun campaigns.

M&M;'s Canada
Picture 20.png

Picture 18.png

December 03, 2010
Live Christmas cards

Another online campaign that taps into the live element. This time it's the Swedish Post that helps you create your own unique Christmas postcard. They set up 4 live camera's on mountain Funasdalsberget to create a scenic setting, including snow and reindeers. You can make screenshots and send them as a physical postcard. Happy card hunting!


December 02, 2010
.WWF a .pdf that cannot be printed

May I assign a Cannes Lion seven months in advance? If this idea really spreads, it's the green idea of the century. WWF Germany has created a .wwf file format which is a .pdf that cannot be printed. Save a tree, download the WWF software, save your docs as .wwf and protect the environment.

via @Laurentec and Brainstorm9

A life, for the World AIDS Day

I'm one day late with this, but I don't think it's a problem. I love this work by TBWA Paris for the World AIDS Day.

Help me spreading the word about this video. Let's spread the word about prevention.

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