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Red Bull soap boxes Vs Rexona trolleys

on August 11, 2009 by Laurent Comments

Guess what … Some other racing games ! But this time you don’t drive usual cars. In the Red Bull one, you drive a soap box.

This site is pretty nice and the 3D environment is very well produced. The visuals and the all atmosphere really remind me of Little Big Planet ones. You can build your own soap box, your own track, customize your avatar, and compete against others. The game is to promote the soap box races that Red Bull is running across Europe.

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Doritos ID3: this is entertainment

on July 29, 2009 by Laurent Comments

It looks like brands and agencies have been starting to get the best out of Facebook Connect. After Prototype or Frenzied Waters, here comes Doritos with its ID3 advergame.

This campaign is to support the launch of Doritos new product innovation: a limited edition mystery flavour, “ID3″, that consumers have to guess . Once again, when the tortilla chips brand owned by PepsiCo plays with technology, it does it in a consistent and relevant way, not just as a pretext. As you will see in this case, it does not do things half. I must say I am quite impressed by the level of production of this campaign. I like the way it mixes interactive first person video as well as 3D tools. Adding the integration of personal content, thanks to Facebook Connect, Doritos delivers a successful immersive experience.

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Hellmann’s #Realfood infographic movie

on July 22, 2009 by Laurent Comments

Released earlier this month in Canada, here is a very nice film from Ogilvy Toronto and Crush for Unilever Mayo Hellmann’s.

Although the phenomenon of data visualization is far from new, this is a very well executed application for a branded purpose. It shows it is not only limited to IT, artistic, or research fields but can also perfectly illustrate a message in a FMCG environment. In this case urge people to take into consideration where the food they eat comes from, and the impact it possibly has, from an economic, environmental and social point of view.

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Prototype experience

on May 28, 2009 by Laurent Comments

To promote its next video-game developped by Radical Entertainment called Prototype (to be released in Europe in June), Activision makes you live a unique experience. You can check by yourselves by going on the dedicated website, where you will be asked to connect to your Facebook account. I won’t tell you too much about the result not to ruin the effect. I think it is a nice move by the Belgian creative agency One Million Dollars, that managed to go beyond the nice, clean, graphic trailer, by offering something else, through a clever integration of Facebook.

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BMW Z4 : Expression of Joy

on April 10, 2009 by Laurent Comments

As you might remember, BMW already played with 3D animation. Well, it seems that when the German automotive company gets into innovative projects, they never do things by halves. In UK, they ‘ve adapted their “Expression of Joy” campaign on many supports and technologies. One to notice is the Augmented Reality application : You can start the experience here. I admit they are not the first brand to use AR, but in my point of view the all campaign remains consistent, especially regarding the positioning of the product, and shows a nice execution. Note that the BMW group already used this technology in Germany for their Mini brand. They have also explored this field for some years now, in a very interesting industrial and service perspective.

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Chlorophyllo, mes que un heroe

on March 23, 2009 by Laurent Comments

Tribal DDB has recently launched a crazy advergame for Airwaves in France. In an interactive video, you play Chlorophyllo, a Mexican wrestler who gets his strength from the main ingredient you can get in Chloromenthol Airwaves gum. You need to fight the evil Dr Mano Negra, who wants to get the secret of your power, rule the world etc…

The art direction is nice, the script and the gameplay are very simple (too simple?), the prize (a trip to Cancun) is attractive : that sounds like a good recipe for a catchy campaign.

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Killzone 2: World Wide War

on March 10, 2009 by Laurent Comments

Sony Computer Entertainment recently released Killzone 2 on Playstation 3, and has been using quite an original way to promote this First Person Shooter videogame. Considering that Killzone scenario are more or less about repelling total invasion by enemies (Helghast forces), Sony brought this scheme online, with a dedicated webgame.

You can register on the killzonewebgame page, install a Killzone toolbar on your browser and be ready to fight ! While you are browsing the internet, you may get under attack at any time, if you decide to engage the fight, Helghast forces appear in your window. Basically, you then need to get rid of them.

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Amazing tricks by French Nike athletes

on March 5, 2009 by Laurent Comments

(As a forewarning I have to make it clear this is a campaign I’ve been working on with my agency Mindshare Paris) Nike is currently running a campaign for Nike Sportswear called V is for Victory, to promote their Track Jacket. Nike France produced two nice viral videos, which, as you will see, are typically French ! Here is the very last one released today, where you can see Hatem Ben Arfa, top class football player at Olympique de Marseille, playing petanque (I told you it was very French !) his own way as he scores an amazing point :

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Fanta plays with great mobile applications

on December 18, 2008 by Laurent Comments

Fanta (Coca-Cola Company) is about to launch a very innovative campaign on mobile across Europe at the end of January. Alongside the classic goodies (wallpapers, ringtones …), and a game, the wap site will offer original applications too.

The most amazing one must be its virtual tennis. It is the world’s first 3D augmented reality tennis game, in which two phones connect via bluetooth before playing a game of tennis, using a “court” printed from Players can then use their mobile devices as tennis racquets to hit a virtual ball whose movement is determined by the angle and position of the phone.

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Red Bull settles in the Playstation Home

on December 12, 2008 by Laurent Comments

The Energy Drink brand is famous for its original way to communicate, delivering a lot of content around massive original events (Air Race, Flugtag, etc…). I am not gonna enumerate all the advergames developped by the Austrian company, that would be too long, but you can find some on their site. Red bull also proves to be innovative by always being among the first to test new media plateforms, like Joost at the time. This time, Red Bull is the first advertiser in the Playstation Home, the Sony metaverse on PS3, which has just been launched yesterday. They built their own tropical island, which features an aeroplane racing game, which is based on their real world Red Bull Air Race series.

Note that Diesel, with a campaign developed by my agency (Mindshare), Ligne Roset, and Paramount Pictures are also among the first brands to advertise in Home.

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