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AdiDiesel: 83 time wasters

on March 9, 2008 by Laurent Comments

After Stella McCartney and Yohji Yamamoto, Adidas signed a new agreement with another big name in fashion: Diesel. For now it regards the Originals collection, and it’s going to last four years. With such iconic lifestyle brands connecting expectations are definitely high, for the product and for the communication around it.

Of course there is a dedicated site to look at… suggests 83 original ways to successfully waste your time, and you are invited to participate by uploading your pictures and videos, to testify on each one.

Let’s go straight to the point: the site is beautiful, the pictures to illustrate the suggestions are great and are a good mix of Diesel and Originals universes, the layout is clean, ergonomy ok if you have a big screen, but …it took me ages to access to it, waiting for the 83 sections to upload!

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