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Lynx launches Spray App

on April 2, 2012 by Martina Comments

I’m sure loads of teenagers (and not only) will love the new mobile app launched yesterday, April 1st, by Lynx. The Lynx effect goes mobile, with astonishing results. Love the fact that even a deodorant brand is able to keep the pace of technology to provide new services and even evolve it’s product. Read more…

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Google Maps in 8-Bit April Fools

on March 31, 2012 by Mark Comments

The creative folk over at Google have produced an awesome prank on Google Maps. Shortly after the “upgraded” Google Maps went live, Reddit users posted world landmarks and historic sites that could be viewed on the map: the Parthenon, Area 51, Mount Everest. You can also drag a viking looking dude onto Street Map view for a funky street level view.

Read more…

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April Fool’s Day on MSN Canada

on April 1, 2005 by Martina Comments

On MSN/Sympatico Workopolist sponsors today a nice April fool’s joke. If you go on (today only!) you can find the link to send a fake release complete with your own photo. I’ve decided to replace Dan Rather at CBS News… I’m the new anchor! (thanks Sabrina)

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