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Verizon and the broadband stories

on June 9, 2005 by Martina Comments

R/GA has created the web experience for the new Verizon corporate campaign promoting its broadband connection. A robust online campaign featuring traditional, rich media and video banners is driving traffic to which hosts an interactive community of broadband enthusiasts. The site becomes a destination enabling guests to create profiles and share rich media (imagery and videos), and hosts the stories of real people, creating an understanding of how broadband is changing the world.

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Wanadoo starts online campaign in the UK

on May 26, 2005 by Martina Comments

Life is too short not to have broadband: this is the message Wanadoo is delivering through its first online campaign created by Dare Digital. As it’s easy to understand, the promotion aims at acquiring new broadband clients in the UK.

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Speed meet… AOL

on June 1, 2004 by Martina Comments

Starting today, America Online has launched an online branding campaing to promote its broadband service. As explained in the press release, the new ad campaign, created by digital marketing firm Atmosphere BBDO, pushes the idea that speed is just one part of the broadband story and that content is equally as important. John Lane, VP, Online Marketing at AOL commented:

“This campaign - created by Atmosphere with Digitas providing the media planning expertise - is intended to speak directly to those who already have a basic high-speed Internet connection through their cable or DSL provider, but may not have AOL for Broadband. After all, speed alone is only part of the broadband story; this “Speed Meet…” campaign is designed to showcase key elements of the AOL for Broadband service offering and persuade prospective members that a broadband connection alone is not enough.”

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Broadband in Europe

on March 22, 2004 by Martina Comments

The ART (‘Autorit� de r�gulation des t�l�communications) has released a few data about broadband’s diffusion in Europe. France is leading the way with 1.2 million subscribers, followed by Italy (1.1 million) and the UK (1 million). Denmark has 12.7 fast connections every 100 inhabitants, followed by Belgium (12.1) The Netherlands (11.5) and Sweden (10.4), at the bottom of the standing we find Italy (4.7), Ireland (0.9) and Greece (0.1). The European average is 6.0 fast lines each 100 inhabitants. Further information about the research are provided in an article on Le Journal du Net.

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Interflora running for the gold

on February 16, 2004 by Martina Comments

The shortlist for the Revolution Awards 2004 has been revealed last week. In the category “Best Online Retailer” Interflora is running for the gold medal thanks to its e-commerce system developed by Broadband. On Broadband’s website you can find out more about the project.

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Unicast presents the video commercial

on January 21, 2004 by Martina Comments

Unicast, the online advertising solutions provider, has announced in press release the birth of a new online ad format that enables advertisers to deliver their message with full-screen, broadcast quality video. Unicast’s Video Commercial is built on the Microsoft� Windows Media� 9 Series platform and is delivered to consumers via Unicast’s patented pre-cached technology. AT&T, Honda, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Vonage, and Warner Brothers are currently participating in a six-week, pre-paid beta launch of the Video Commercial. The idea of video advertising is interesting, but I don’t understand if people need to install Unicast’s software on their machines. If this is true, I won’t expect a lot of users to agree, at least at time being. There’s too much spam and spyware around. First you need to build trust and educate people about this kind of advertising. I mean, users can’t skip ads, the Internet can’t exist without advertising, so it’s just better to build a relationship with users, telling them about existing formats and asking them the one they prefer. See the example of WeatherBug I talked about a couple of days ago. On the topic, you can also read the eCommerceTimes, where Jay Lyman interviews Michael Kelleher an analyst at Yankee Group. He says that the video ads are the next generation of online advertising, particularly with the growth of broadband Internet connections. However, the analyst added, the ads might not win the favor of users if they interfere with their online routines.

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Online advertising has a bright future

on June 12, 2003 by Martina Comments

As The Associated Press reports today on a wide range of news Web sites, U.S. online-advertising revenue showed a healthy increase in the fourth quarter of 2002, breaking a two-year declining trend. However, the industry remains below its revenue levels at the height of the boom. You can read the news, for example, on Bizreport. As Frank Barnako reports today on “The growing success of “rich media” ads, which feature sound and video, is one reason online advertising climbed in the fourth quarter of 2002, according to Pete Petrusky, director of new media for PricewaterhouseCoopers”.

Futhermore, you can have a look at IAR where yesterday Brian Morrissey wrote an article presenting the research note issued Tuesday, where Goldman Sachs Internet analyst Anthony Noto doubled his forecast for the online advertising industry in 2003. Noto now expects revenue to increase 10 percent to $5.2 billion, up substantially from his earlier 5 percent growth forecast. In the article are also presented some predictions concerning Yahoo!, Overture and AOL revenue this year.

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