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Behavioral targeting: less clicks more conversions

on October 26, 2005 by Martina Comments

A new study by found that behavioral targeted ads produce lower response rates than run-of-network placements, but deliver higher conversion rates. The study examined three advertiser campaigns targeted to’s personal finance, automotive and education behavioral populations. For each advertiser, identical creative messages were sent to both a run-of-network audience and the behaviorally segmented audience. In each study, conversion rates increased markedly for targeted impressions vs. run-of-network impressions. However, click-through rates experienced the opposite effect — with the number of clicks decreasing for targeted impressions. These findings suggest that behavioral targeting actually increases the value of each click, as consumers who click on a targeted ad are more motivated to convert.

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Email still effective to reach customers

on June 25, 2005 by Martina Comments

The new Email Trend Report just released by Doubleclick shows an increase in the click-to-purchase conversion rate, which rose 24.2% (from 3.3%) to 4.1% versus Q1 2004. On the other side we face an overall trend indicating a decline in opening rates (from 38.2% in Q1 2004 to 30.2% in Q1 2005). Good news for what concerns bounce rates which were at an all time low at 8.3%. Commenting the Report Kevin Mabley, Senior Director and General Manager of Strategic Services at DoubleClick said: “This quarter’s data demonstrate the continuing effectiveness of email for communicating with and marketing to customers“.

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