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The Ford KA microcosm

on August 5, 2008 by Martina Comments

From Brazil, a very nice website created by JWT Brazil for the new Ford KA. Imagine you’re an insect, an ant, a bee or a grasshoper, small enough to explore the car in all its tiny details, upload your photo (but fortunately it isn’t mandatory) and start your navigation.

I feel that to create something new and appealing for a car website is getting more and more difficult. In this case I think they did a very good job by using lovely illustrations and the horizontal navigation that really gives you the idea of a travel, of an exploration. Also the concept of transforming the user into an insect is a good idea to suggest the attention to details the journey will offer.

via The FWA.

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The ‘Evil Twin’ becomes wireless

on December 19, 2003 by Martina Comments

After the successful online video ad campaign launched in September (read here), Ford has decided to go wireless to promote its SportKa ‘Evil Twin’. Revolution Magazine reports about the mobile marketing push launched in the UK. Usha Raghavachari, Ford Ka brand manager, said:

“SMS is a great medium for Ford to contact young male drivers, who are extremely confident and comfortable using text to communicate. The immediacy and ease of response of mobile makes it the ideal method for establishing contact and building a long-term communication.”

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Ford: SportKA “Evil twin” campaign

on September 30, 2003 by Martina Comments

Someone says it’s humorous, someone else claims it’s cruel and not funny at all. The online video ad developed by Ford to promote it’s new SportKa has raised a lot of noise. It was supposed to be a viral marketing effort, so maybe this is the perfect result Ford wanted to reach… You can see the ad online at: Or read more on Revolution Magazine and Ananova. Sorry guys but comments are now closed. The discussion was going in the wrong way.

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