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British Airways, come fly with me

on November 30, 2006 by Martina Comments

British sense of humor arrives to France, with a new Publicis Dialog advertainment website for British Airways which makes fun of low cost airlines (link removed). Unfortunately my French is not good enough to appreciate the jokes, but I find very interesting the fact that British Airways “dares” launching an interactive campaign in France to challenge its natural competitor Air France (and not only the low cost airlines). An article on Le Journal du Net, explains a few more things about the campaign. The site Serviceapr√® is actually only the first of an effort which will grow over the next few months with more media (outdoor and mobile marketing, for example) involved. To my Italian friends, the website will remind the brialliant “No Alpitour? Ahiaiaiaiai” campaign realized a few years ago.

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Take the risk with Rexona

on September 27, 2006 by Martina Comments

In Australia, Rexona has just launched an incredibly content rich advertainment website. Riskville “prepares men to take risks”, testing and challenging them with weird questions and impossible tasks. Take a look around and have fun, there is a lot to discover! (the agency behind it is Lowe Hunt).

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IAB Spain: the best online ads on a DVD

on April 15, 2005 by Martina Comments

In an effort to push the use of online advertising, IAB Spain has created a DVD with the best Spanish and international interactive ads. Diario Ipmark (in Spanish) explains the DVD also features a wide range of examples of online creativity, even if not directly linked to advertising. The idea is to promote the use of online ads, but also to take advantage of Internet communication to connect with consumers, expressing creativity in an innovative way.

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Chrysler Deploys Interactive for Crossfire

on July 13, 2003 by adverblog Comments

The new Crossfire sports coupe is coming out and Chrysler has decided to promote it with a massive use of interactive media. As IAR reports, Chrysler is increasing its commitment to interactive marketing, using banner ads, a newly developed Web site, a Cd-rom and a TiVo showcase promotion. The article on IAR is particularly interesting to read, since it explains the different aims of promotional features employed in this campaign and the media in which it will be run.

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