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King Kong on your iPod

on November 9, 2005 by Martina Comments

Through Apple’s website, the King Kong movie trailer is available for the iPod video also. I’ve found the link on iLounge, and I suggest you reading the entry because of the interesting comments users posted.

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Kraft Food: recipes for your iPod

on August 25, 2005 by Martina Comments

iPod marketing is not just about sponsored podcasting. On the iPod you can download audio files, but also plain text (notes). Content is always the king when it comes to marketing to portable devices, so Kraft Food has decided to offer plain text downloadable recipes. Simple text you can read while shopping in the supermarket wondering what to cook for dinner. The concept is very simple, but extremely attractive. The new consumer listens to brands when brands offer value, not just promotional messages. Quoted on AdAge, Kraft said that since the July 25 launch, several thousand people have downloaded recipes.

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An iPod and a viral for Alfa 147

on June 27, 2005 by Martina Comments

Alfa Romeo has setup a microsite to promote its new Alfa 147 Pack Techno. A series of viral videos entertain the visitor on the homepage, featuring the messages “how to pack 60 hours of music in a 147?” and “why calling wireless from an Alfa 147?”. A competition also allows Alfa fans to win an iPod 4 if they invite friends to visit the site. To me this looks like an excellent example of viral marketing, because the video content and the prizes are strictly related to the product that the car and its features. I just regret that despite Alfa Romeo is an Italian brand, the campaign isn’t running in Italy but only in France.

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Which value do online competitions bring to a brand?

on May 24, 2005 by Martina Comments

Online competitions are one of the trends of the moment in consumer marketing. Recently I’ve been posting a lot about online quizzes, sweepstakes, on-pack promotions connected to a Web site, advergames with prizes, contests, lotteries etc… No matter what’s the target audience, it seems that giving away prizes is one of the only ways brands are able to find to engage their prospects. Creativity and originality in the game idea are not expressed at their best in most of these initiatives, which appear to be brilliant and trendy only in the prizes they are awarding: iPods. And this takes my analysis to the question in the title: what’s the value for a brand of setting up an online competition? In my opinion, if you give away iPods, the only brand which takes advantage of the fact is Apple. Why consumer brands don’t give away (mostly) their own products? Aren’t they valued to be “cool” enough as prizes? I don’t think this is positive…

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Very special iPod editions

on January 7, 2005 by Martina Comments

After the special edition U2 iPod, Apple is ready to launch on the market a dozen of new mp3 players with a fresh and ironic look (via

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Pepsi & Apple: let’s do it again

on May 24, 2004 by Martina Comments

Despite the failure of their first co-marketing initiative, Apple and Pepsi have decided to do it again. This time instead of the US, they have decided to target the Australian market with a campaign supported by mobile phones. As Macworld UK reports, Australian Pepsi drinkers with a cell phone, can enter the competition via SMS and win an iPod an hour for six weeks.

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Buy a New Beetle, get an iPod

on July 18, 2003 by Martina Comments

Dawn Anfuso reports about a new agreement between Volkswagen and Apple to launch on the market the 2003 New Beetle with a complimentary iPod. The news is featured on iMediaConnection in Promo to Watch, in which is said that the campaign will start this week with promotions all through America, both online and offline.

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