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Burger King offers coupons on the Web

on December 10, 2004 by Martina Comments

Burger King has started an online campaign to distribute coupons through the German portal The initiative allows surfers to download and print coupons to redeeem a metal poster cards branded Coca-Cola in Burger King’s restaurants. The campaign also includes an in-store promotion.

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Online advertising, the sweet way

on September 29, 2003 by Martina Comments

Surf the Web and get a coupon for a free ice cream. That’s the idea of and the ice cream maker Brigham’s Inc.. explains the campaign idea, quoting Stephanie Shore, director of marketing at

“We were trying to develop a case study for our retail advertisers about how effective online advertising can be in driving offline activity. Brigham’s was extremely pleased with the promotion, and they saw a lot of new faces.”

Redemption rates were, in fact, pretty high: almost 10 percent of the 56,719 page views of the coupon.

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Coupons online? I’m uncertain

on July 15, 2003 by adverblog Comments

As often happens, Joseph Jaffe came out with some interesting points in his latest column on iMediaConnection. The question is how does a marketer entice, incent or engage a consumer to the point of trial? Product samples and coupons. This is Joseph’s answer, that of course is supported with a some good examples. In some ways I like the idea, but if I think about using it in Italy I don’t think it will be successful. Coupons are not an important part of our daily shopping experience, and most of all people that will be more inclined to use coupons are not online, I mean housewives, that are still a big segment in my country.

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