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Online media: think rich!

on October 13, 2009 by Martina Comments

Tagging it #interactivemonday, Kubus shared a very nice online media campaign from France to promote a new crime TV series called Braquo. Two special execution, one on Youtube, and one on MSN homepage that prove really impactful.

I know this kind of stuff might be quite expensive from a media buying point of view, but at this point I’m quite convinced that either you create online media that make the difference, or you just invest your money somewhere else. Let’s be brave, let’s be (very) rich (media)

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The banner always comes last

on July 31, 2009 by Martina Comments

Let’s be honest. How many times when we work on an integrated or even on a purely digital campaign we think about online media executions since the very beginning? What’s your answer? I would say never, but ok, let’s go for a “very seldom”. Weird but true (in 2009), banners always come at the end of the creative process. Usually we are out of time and out of money to produce them and we end up with executions that even when they are good, they could surely have been better, and in particular they could have been more integrated with the campaign idea. This is why I loved the Tiger Woods rich media by Freestyle Interactive that was shared last #interactivemonday.

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Banners: operation Battlefield

on August 5, 2008 by Martina Comments

I realized I don’t cover online advertising executions enough. Since the good old banners are getting more and more important also in my daily work I’ve decided to start taking them in more consideration also here on Adverblog. I personally believe online media are still relevant in the online marketing mix, however I also think that if you decide to advertise online you have to do it in the right way… which means by using rich media and a serving technology such as Eyeblaster or Tangozebra that allows you to be really creative and interactive.

The whole point is quite straightforward: being creative and interactive is nothing special, it simply means to use and exploit the Web at full for its potentials. And the first campaign I’d like to present you is a great practical example of such approach.

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