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Pepsi Lime and the Straw Fight

on June 9, 2005 by Martina Comments

Tribal DDB Dallas is the agency behind the Pepsi Lime online presence. The site has a nice advertainment style layout, with a fresh music in the background. Of course there is also an advergame, the “Straw Fight“, to complete the summer atmosphere.

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Skyy Relaunch Goes To The Movies

on June 26, 2003 by adverblog Comments

Skyy Vodka yesterday relaunched, hoping to better align its online presence with its film-centric advertising and events strategies. Quoted on MediaDailyNews Skyy public relations manager Sue Hearn, explains:

“Our brand has been based around film-related activities for some time now. Given the technology that’s out there at this point, the web is one of the best vehicles to communicate that brand identity to consumers.”

. I immediately surfed on the Web site… it’s nice, very emotional, it makes you want to have a drink… maybe not exactly a vodka, given the fact that now it’s early afternoon Btw the thing I liked the most is the possibility to choose you lounge music while browsing the web site. There are about twelve tunes to pick, from Bebel Gilberto to Ursula 1000.

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