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Opinions on AdSense image ads

on June 2, 2005 by Martina Comments

At the end of April Google’s AdSense program started serving graphic banners in addition to the sponsored links service. Furthermore, AdSense advertisers now have the possibility to select the sites where they want their contextual ads to be served. Le Journal du Net (in French) has interviewed some French marketers to find out what they think about the new services.

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Google takes it personal

on May 22, 2005 by Martina Comments

Google has launched its personalised homepage. I must say I’m not impressed. For now you just have 12 content categories to choose to build up your personal interface. The graphic is in line with Google’s brand: plain, almost poor. At the moment there are no ads, but we can surely expect AdWords to appear soon. I have a My Yahoo account but I never use it. Working with bookmarks’s page and with an excellent RSS reader like Bloglines is way enough to keep me updated. If you want to hear some better opinions about the new Google personalised homepage I suggest you reading the posts’ of these guys: - Charlene Li (Forrester Research) - Bruce Carlisle on Digital Axle - Jeremy Zawodny - John Battelle on Searchblog

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It’s predictions time!

on December 31, 2003 by Martina Comments

What will happen to online advertising in 2004? Very very good question… To find a few answers, read the article by Janis Mara on IAR. The market should grow, bringing a differentiation between online marketing investments in branding and direct marketing, as Nate Elliot, analyst at Jupiter Research, explains. There’s also a lot of confidence in the growth of search engine advertising, as confirmed on the New York Times, dedicating an article to the matter (More Businesses Are Turning to Paid Listings on Search Engines). I guess I should have an opinion myself. Well, I obviously tend to agree with the idea that online advertising will grow in 2004, since this will represent a natural evolution of the market. However I wish this growth won’t be just a rush to adapt to the mainstream but, on the contrary, a conscious development towards creativity and quality.

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Debating about pop-ups

on November 6, 2003 by Martina Comments

On MediaPost Larry Dobrow focuses the attention on pop-ups, starting his analysis from the recent ‘Clicks, Ticks, and the Destiny of Pop-Ups’ session at Ad:Tech. I found particularly interesting the opinion of Avi Naider, CEO of WhenU, who said:

“Pop-ups are not a monolithic entity. e mass market accepts TV commercials, but that took 50 years. Remember, two years ago, people were writing off the online medium completely”.

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Young generations are the new media future

on September 15, 2003 by Martina Comments

On the Italian MediaForum I found today the opinion of Sarah Fay, President of Carat US, who was taking part to an international forum last week in Venice. Commenting a recent study on media usage she stated that young users (between 13 and 24 years old) represent a very important target that will determine the approach to new media communication in the next future. Therefore “we need to provide them with high quality communication”.

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Creative counts in online advertising

on June 24, 2003 by Martina Comments

We are getting plenty of evidence that helps us prove that online advertising works. So why then are 99% of online ads complete rubbish? This is the question asked (and answered) by Tom Bazeley of Tribal DDB yesterday on New Media Age. A creative revolution in online advertising is long overdue. To find out how and why, read on the article…

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Ad Agencies Slowly Embrace Search Engine Marketing

on May 29, 2003 by adverblog Comments

An article by Elizabeth Osmeloski published yesterday on, clearly helps understanding the current agencies’ attitude towards search engine advertising. “The most difficult issue facing SEOs and Ad Agencies is determining a method for reporting meaningful data without discrepancies. With pay-per-click, numbers are fairly straightforward and absolute when ROI tracking is directly applied. Yet the industry is still in infant stages when it comes to measuring the branding effectiveness of contextual and keyword advertising.”

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Online advertising: a nightmare?

on May 23, 2003 by adverblog Comments

I’ve found a somehow funny but interesting article by Jack Russell on The Inquirer. As journalist of a commercial Web site, he explains his opinion about online advertising and after he presents his position, as user, towards new ads formats like Unicast’s ones. I appreciated the way he presented his opinions: he’s been very smart and sincere.

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